The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
October 2018(No.699)
Male Labor

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Toward the Stage of Full-scale Research on Male Labor from a Gender Perspective
Kimiko Kimoto

ARTICLESAbstract October 2018(No.699) (PDF:412KB)

Continuity and Change in Public Awareness about the Work Style of Japanese Men: Questioning the Normality of the Salaryman’s Way of Working
Futoshi Taga
The Slow Decline of the Male-Breadwinner Family Model in
Contemporary Japan and Its Ramifications on Men’s Lives
Yuko Ogasawara
Child Care, Housework, and Men’s Work
Masako Ishii-Kuntz
Actual Care Situation and Support Issues for Male Caregivers
Masatoshi Tsudome
How Are Men Doing in Female-dominated Fields?
Natsuki Nakata
Masculinization of Deprivation: In the Middle of a Changing Industrial
Structure and Labor Forms
Kimio Ito
Approaching the Creation of Workplace Environments on the Premise of
Gender Diversity
Maki Muraki


Shohei Hayashi Management for Employee's Self Concept
Atsushi Yashiro


Giesen und Kersten “Der Arbeitskampf in der digitalisierten Arbeitswelt”
Arata Uemura


Dying Labor Law in NY
Hisashi Ikeda

The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

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