The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
July 2020(No.720)

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Making the Most of Team Diversity for Harmonious Action
Toshio Murase

ARTICLESJuly 2020(No.720) (PDF:450KB)

Cooperation for Problem-Solving: The History of Quality Circles in Japan
Shinichi Ogawa
Team Effectiveness and Its Determinants: From a Psychological Perspective
Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
Teamwork: An Organizational Economics Perspective
Akifumi Ishihara
Conflict Management Framework
Takt Shishido
The State of Collaboration in Japanese Companies:
Focusing on the Relationship between the Team and the Individual
Hajime Ohta
Workgroup Diversity and Performance:
A Review of the Literature and Directions for Future Research
Tomohiko Tanikawa
Space Design and Physical Practices in Non-territorial Offces:
Achieving Creative Teamwork through Fluid Relocation
Shintaro Matsunaga
Osamu Umezaki
Makoto Fujimoto
Shingou Ikeda
Itaru Nishimura
Naonori Akiya


Yoko Kuroiwa Development of EU Anti-Sex Discrimination Law
― Formal Equality through Substantive Equality and beyond
Gong Min


Osamu Umezaki,Shingou Ikeda,Makoto Fujimoto (eds.)
Guidebook of Research on Work and Workplaces
Yasunobu Tomita


King, D. R., Bauer. F, Weng, Q. (D)., Schriber, S., and Tarba, S.“What, When, and Who:
Manager Involvement in Predicting Employee Resistance to Acquisition Integration”
Yurie Miura


A German Version of “Shuhari” Thought?
Kiwamu Goto

The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

AbstractsAbstracts (until February-March 2016)