The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
December 2018(No.701)
Work Style Reform Series 1: Equal Pay for Equal Jobs

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The Rationality of Discrimination in Workforce Management Classification
Mutsuko Asakura

ARTICLESAbstracts December 2018(No.701) (PDF:482KB)

Empirical Analysis of Wage Differentials between Employment Contract Types
Daiji Kawaguchi
Part-Time and Fixed-Term Workers Act: Content and Problems
Yuko Shimada
Regulation for Equal and Balanced Treatment and the Dispatch of Workers
Yasuyuki Konishi
Balanced and Equal Treatment for Utilization of Part-time Employees in GMS
Business: The Case of Changes of Company A’s HRM since 2000
Mitsutoshi Hirano
Determinants of Wage Differences between Standard and Non-standard
Employees in Japan: The Human Resources Management Perspective
Tomoyuki Shimanuki


Wage Gap between Unlimited-type Regular Workers and Limited-type Regular
Workers in Japan
Kengo Yasui
Shinpei Sano
Kouichi Kume
Kotaro Tsuru


What Will be Required in Future Career Consulting
Shu Kimura


Matta, F. K., Scott, B. A., Colquitt, J. A., Koopman, J., and Passantino, L. G.
“Is Consistently Unfair Better than Sporadically Fair? An Investigation of
Justice Variability and Stress”
Yousuke Nakatsu


Labor Productivity and Working Hours
Yuko Onozaka

The 41st Annual Award for Research Monographs on Labor, 2018

The 19th Annual Award for Research Articles on Labor, 2018

The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

AbstractsAbstracts (until February-March 2016)