The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
July 2019(No.708)
Employment and Labor in the Tourism Industry

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Toward the Continued Development of the Tourism Industry
Hirotaka Yamauchi

ARTICLESAbstracts July 2019(No.708) (PDF:422KB)

The Growth of the Travel Industry and its Impact on Employment and Labor
in the Accommodation Industry
Noriko Yagasaki
The Productivity of Japan’s Tourism Industry
Kyoji Fukao
Young Gak Kim
Hyeog Ug Kwon
The Role of University Education in Tourism Industry:
Focusing on Tourism-related Universities
Nobuko Takahashi
Human Resources Development as a Growth Strategy in the Hotel Industry:
Present Situation and Challenges
Masako Taylor
Work Awareness of Employees in the Accommodation Industry:
Features and Problems
Hisako Tamura
The Working Environment at Small-scale Lodging Businesses:
Japanese-style Inns
Takao Ikado
Labor-management Relationship in Tourism Industry
Tatsuya Kanda


Panel Data Analysis of the Generational Replacement Effect on Employment in
Japanese Companies
Hiroki Yasuda
Hiroko Araki
Juan N. Martinez D.


Masayuki Morikawa Productivity:Misconceptions and Realities
Hisakazu Kato


Follmer, E. et al. “ Resolution, Relief, and Resignation:
A Qualitative Study of Responses to Mist at Work”
Naoko Hiramoto


Cannabis and the Right to Privacy at Work
Hiroyo Tokoro

The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

AbstractsAbstracts (until February-March 2016)