The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
May 2019(No.706)
Work Style Reform Series 3 : Other Implementation Plans

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Abstracts (until February-March 2016)


Rebalancing Regulation and Labour-Management Autonomy
Kazuo Sugeno


Legal Issues surrounding Work Styles that are not Due to Employment
Koichi Kamata
The Current “Employment Ice-age” Situation :Perspective on the Transition
from School to Work
Yukie Hori
Conditions for Improving the Quality of Work
Hiroshi Ono
Will “Equal Pay for Equal Work” Increase the Competitiveness of Companies? :
Focusing on the Obligations of Explaining Treatment
Akie Nakamura
Re-employment Support for Displaced Workers in Sweden
Yoshihiko Fukushima


Yasuhiro Hattori, Akiyuki Yatera Regeneration of Staffing Activities
Hitoshi Nagano


Cynthia Estlund “What Should We Do After Work? Automation and
Employment Law”
Toru Ueda


Diversity and Minority
Hiroyo Tokoro

The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

AbstractsAbstracts (until February-March 2016)