Abstracts 2003

December 2003 (No.521) The Employment of Elderly Workers and the Age Discrimination
The Labour Conditions of Older Workers and the Creation of Employment Opportunities for Them Sumiko Ebisuno
The Measures to Alleviate the Age Restrictions when hire the Mid-Career Workers Masayuki Kitaura
Comparative Perspectives on Age Discrimination Legislation Ryoko Sakuraba (Nakamura)
The Effects of Anti-Age Discrimination Legislation on Elderly Workers' Labour Market Outcomes: A Survey of Empirical Results from the United States Daiji Kawaguchi
Nov. 2003 (No.520) Mental Health in the Workplace
The Current State and Issues of Mental Health in the Workplace

Yutaka Aratake
Hosanori Hiro
Satoru Shima

Developing a Healthy Work Organization Yasuji Imai
Internal Skill Formation of White-Collar Workers - A Case Study of Japanese Banks Shigeru Yamamoto
October 2003 (No.519) Recent Trend concerning White-Collar Worker's Working Hour
Future of the System of Regulations on Working Hours for White-Collar Workers in Japan Yoichi Shimada

Changing Human Resource Management and "Discretional Work System" Atsushi Sato
The Promotion Structure of White-Collars for Large Banks in Japan: An Empirical Analysis of Long -Term Promotion Competition Using "Career Tree" Method Katsuhito Uehara
The Labour-Management Negotiation about the Selection of Workers in Shifts: A Case of an Electronics Manufacturer in Japan Kenji Iwata
September 2003 (No.518) Part-time Workers and Equitable Treatment
Does Expansion of the Part-time Workforce Cause Contraction in the Full-time Workforce? Mamiko Ishihara
The Estimation of the Elasticities of Complementarity between Regular and Non-Regular Employees in Japan Hiromi Hara
Diversifying Employment Categories and Issues of HRM: Balancing Wages Across Employment Categories Hiroki Sato
Yoshihide Sano
Hiromi Hara
Fair Treatment are Effective to Company Performance Maeko Nishimoto
Kouichiro Imano
Legal Policy for the Equal Treatment of Regular and Part-time Workers Satoshi Nishitani
August 2003 (No.517) Career Counseling
Issues for Career Couseling in Japan: Reconsidering the Career Counselor Profession Mieko

Issues of Carrer Couseling in Workplace Tomoyuki Konno
Are NPO Wages Low?: A Comparison with Profit Organization(PO) Dai Miyamoto
Achievement at an Early Age and Career at a Late Stage: University Education, Job Rotation and Internal Promotion of CEOs Go Otani
Osamu Umezaki
Hisakazu Matsushige
July 2003 (No.516) Structural Unemployment and Unemployment Measures
What Is Structual Unemployment? Yuji Genda
Ayako Kondo

The Accumulation of Human Capital and the Sectoral Shifts Hypothesis for Different Age Groups Kei Sakata
A Study on Japanese Unemployment from Flow Data: 1980-2000 Souichi Ohta
Hiroshi Teruyama
Unemployment Measures for Structural Unemployment in Japan Fumio Ohtake
European Employment Strategy: Combatting Structural Unemployment and Beyond Keiichiro Hamaguchi
Unemployment, Crime, Age: Macro-level Evidence from the Time-series Analysis Masahiro Tsushima
The Psychological Impact of So-called Restructuring on Unemployed and Employed Men Mituru Hisata
Miho Takahashi
June 2003 (No.515) The Nonprofit Organization and Labour
Nonprofit Organization and Its Legal Environment Koichiro Yamaguchi
NPO Labour Demand: An Empirical Study of International and Environmental Organizations Dai Miyamoto
The Cash Opportunity Costs of Child Rearing in France and Japan Tomo Nishimura
Research on Job Performance: Implications for Human Resource Management in Japan Tomoki Sekiguchi
May 2003 (No.514) The Change of Long-term Employment System and its Influences on Career Development
The Characteristic of the Investment Activity for the Education and Training in Corporation and the Regulation Facors Eiichi Ohki
Career Management in Uncertainty Hiroyuki Fujimura
Problems Ragarding Legal Policies on Vocational Ability Development: Why Have We Not Paid Much Attention to Them? Yasuo Suwa
Effect of Public Training Programs on Participants' Earnings in Japan Masako Kurosawa
February-March 2003 (No.512) Special Issue for the Refereed Abstracts in 2003
Conditions for Continued Employment of Elderly Individuals under the Japanese Personal Management System Tomoyo Takagi
A Case for Gaining Consensus on Wage Differentials for Part- and Full-time Workers Takahisa Shinozaki
Mamiko Ishihara
Takatoshi Shiokawa
Yuji Genda
January 2003 (No.511) Restarting Japan: Firms, Workers, and Unions
Labour Issues on Insolvency Proceedings and Insolvency Labour Law Katsutoshi Kezuka
Re-entering the Workforce in the Wake of the Collapse of a Major Securities Corporation: Investigating the Role of Age and Skill Hisakazu Matsushige
Startups by Individuals Who Have Failed in Business Eiji Takeuchi
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