Abstracts 2008

December 2008 (No.581) Settlement Systems of Labor Disputes
Current Situation and Problems of Labor Disputes Resolution Takashi Muranaka (PDF:36KB)
Labor Disputes and Legal Advice Seeking: The Case of "individual" Labor Disputes in Contemporary Japan Shiro Kashimura
A Case Report regarding the Efforts of Japanese Companies and Labor Unions to resolve Complaints from Employees Naoki Tsuchiya
Economic Analysis of Dismissal Disputes Kanji Muramatsu

Ryo Kambayashi
The Fundamental Study on the the Labor Relations Commissions as ADR in the Context of the Current Judicial Reform in Japan Shiro Kawashima
Settlement and Prevention of Disputes by Labor Union: Main Approaches of
Community Unions
OH Hak-Soo
Nov. 2008 (No.580) Labour Law Precedents 2007-2008 : The Issues Involved
An Empirical Analysis of the Wage-Tenure Profile Using Firm-Level Panel Data in
Ryo Akahane (PDF:28KB)
Transition into Regular Employment among Separating Non-regular Employees Yuji Genda
October 2008 (No.579) Consideration of the Labor Policy
The Power of Economic Thinking for Understanding the Labor Market and Policy Effects Munetomo Ando (PDF:40KB)
Econometrics of Labor Market Policy Evaluation Daiji Kawaguchi
The Effect of Changing the Child-care Leave System on Continuous Female Employment after First Childbirth Kazuma Sato
An Overview of the Workforce Investment Act Hiromi Hara
Policy Process in the 1987 Revision of the Labour Standards Law: Attempt to analyze by the Oral History Method Osamu Umezaki
How should We determine the Labor Policy: An Essay on the Orthodoxy of Labour Policy Council Ryo Kambayashi
September 2008 (No.578) Current State of People with Disabilities and Employment Support
The Current State and Problems regarding the Employment of People with Disabilities Tadashi Kudoh (PDF:43KB)
Establishing a Work Environment and Work Conditions for People with Intellectual Disabilities: From an Analysis of Successful Cases in Special Subsidiaries and Vocational Aid Centers Keiji Inose
Problems with Career Choice and Appropriate Support for the Disabled: Employment Support for Young People with Mild Developmental Disabilities Yoko Mochizuki
Disability Employment Levy-Subsidy Scheme from an Economic Viewpoint Toshihiro Tsuchihashi
Characteristics of the American with Disabilities Act as an Antidiscrimination Law Kiyotaka Hatai
Family-support Policy and the Polarization of Female Employment Mamiko Takeuchi
Yoshiko Otani
August 2008 (No.577) Evaluation of Vocational Ability and Labour Market
Assessing Personnel Traits in Internal and External Labor Markets Kiyoshi Takahashi (PDF:40KB)
The Modularization of Work and Skill Evaluation: Two Cases of IT Firms Naoki Senda
Hirofumi Boku
Mitsutoshi Hirano
The Role of Vocational Training Providers in the Labor Market and Workers' Activities to Develop Their Skills Miho Fujinami
Koichiro Imano
Occupational Labor Markets in Germany Norio Hisamoto
The Effect of Training Policy for Non-regular Workers and Human Resource Management Practices Ken Ariga
Ryo Kambayashi
Yoshihide Sano
Brain Drain from Japan: An Analysis of Japanese Researchers Residing in the U.S. Yukiko Murakami
July 2008 (No.576) Labour Contract Law and Revised Part-Time Labour Law
The Enactment of the Labour Contract Law: Its Significance and Issues Ryuichi Yamakawa (PDF:47KB)
Legislative Process of the Labour Contract Law, and its Significance and Account: From the Perspective of Attorneys on the Labour Side Kunio Miyazato
Legislative Process and Future Prospects for the Labour Perspective of Attorneys on the Management Side Makoto Nakamachi
The Contents of the Chinese Labour Contract Law and its Significance Noboru Yamashita
Balancing Treatment and Ban on Discrimination: revised Law concerning the Improvement Workers (Part-Time Labour Law) Michiyo Morozumi
Perceptions of Pay and Work by Standard and Non-Standard Workers Yoshio Okunishi
The Impact of the Revised Part-Time Labour Law: An Economic Analysis Eiko Kenjoh
The Mental Health of Public Employment Security Office Staff: The Job Stress of Vocational Counselors Miho Takahashi
Different Approaches in Treating "Employees Taking a Long Parental Leave" and "At-Work Ratios" in the European Employment and Unemployment Statistics Tetsuaki Sato
June 2008 (No.575) Long Working Hours
Long Working Hours in Japan: International Comparison and Research Subjects Kazuya Ogura (PDF:38KB)
What Needs to Be Done to the Working Time Regulations in Japan?: A Legal
Analysis of the Cause of Long Working Hours
Atsuko Kajikawa
Work Management and Working Hours: Mechanism that Generate Prolonged Working Hours Atsushi Sato
Long Working Hours and Health Problems Kenji Iwasaki
Working Hours and Taxation: Implications of Prescott (2004) for Japan Shigeki Kunieda
May 2008 (No.574) Equality in Employment and Diversity
Major Issues of Employment Discrimination Law in Japan Ryoko Sakuraba (PDF:38KB)
The Significance of the Enactment of Germany's General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz AGG)

Kazuyoshi Yamakawa
Hajime Wada

Harrasment on Grounds of Sex and Race :The United Kingdom Approach Alison Wetherfield
Strategies for Elimination of Gender Inequality in Wages: Bases for the Irrationality of Statistical Discrimination Kazuo Yamaguchi
Diversity in Organization Mami Taniguchi
February-March 2008 (No.572)

Special Issue for the Refereed Abstracts in 2008

Labour Market Performance and Court Decisions concerning Dismissals: Preliminary Evidence from Japan Hiroko Okudaira (PDF:29KB)
From the Postwar Academic-background-based System to the Competency-based System: A Case Study of Reform in HRM at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 1968 Makoto Suzuki
Special Issue 2008 (No.571)

The Change of the Employment System and the Restructurlng Of Labour Law Compiled by the Preparatory Committee for the 2007

Gender and the Historical Transition of Corporate Governance in the US Mariko Nohata
Contemporary Significance of an Argument about the Employee Representation
Hiroshi Iba
Legislation of Fixed-term and Part-time Employee Protection Act in Korea Sukhwan Choi
The Possibility of Enactment of Disability Discrimination Act in Japan: Implication of the Americans with Disabilities Act Tamako Hasegawa
Creation and Agency Functions in the Knowledge Society Naho Saito
Analysis on the Influence of Social Insurance Increase on Corporate Employment Practices: Using Panel Data of Japanese Listed Companies for the Period 1984 to 2003 Kim Myoung Jung
The Gender Differentials of Employment Adjustment and Reemployment Wages in Urban China: A Empirical Analysis using Chinese Urban Household Income Survey 2002 Ma Xin Xin
Time Spent on Childcare in Japanese Family with a Small Child Masago Fujiwara
Paradigm of Autonomous Participation at Shop Level: A Case Study of Automotive Company "S" Hiroshi Gankoji
Diversification of Employee Forms and the Transformation of a Corporate Labour Market: Re-Analysis of the Working Person Survey 2006 Takashi Nishimura
January 2008 (No.570) M&A's Impact on Employment,Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
Examining Characteristics of Japanese Companies Introducing Defense Measures against Hostile Takeovers in 2005: The Initial Stage of Introduction of Defense Measures Sumio Hirose (PDF:39KB)
Is Merger a Bad News for Employees? Katsuyuki Kudo
Mergers & Acquisitions and Employees' Career Development Hiroshi Yamamoto
Legal Techniques and Forms of Enterprise Reconstruction and Labour Law Mari Kobayakawa
The Enrichment of HRM Practices for Non-Standard Employees, and Their Impact on Standard-Employees' Work Attitudes Ikutaro Enatsu
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