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  1. Copyright
    All contents provided on the website, including text, images, data, information, and other material, (henceforth, "content") was created or edited by the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training (henceforth, "JILPT") or by individuals or corporate bodies who have authorized its use on the website, and is therefore protected by copyright law and international treaty.
  2. Permissible and Impermissible Use
    Persons using the website (henceforth, "users" or "the user") are permitted to make use of the website and to download and print its content in accordance with the purpose of the website, the terms of use, and applicable laws.
    Actions (reproduction, printing, citation, distribution, display, transmission, etc.) taken without prior written authorization from JILPT and in violation of copyright law are prohibited, regardless of whether they are for commercial or non-commercial purposes and irrespective of the format or methods employed. In addition, unauthorized modification of the website is prohibited under copyright law and the Unauthorized Computer Access Law.
  3. Disclaimer
    JILPT makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on the website is accurate and up-to-date but makes no guarantees of accuracy or timeliness. JILPT assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the user due to utilization of the website and cannot be held liable for compensation for any such loss or damage. In addition, if by utilizing the website the user inflicts loss or damage on a third party or on JILPT, the user shall be solely responsible for providing resolution at the user's own expense and without inflicting further loss, damage, or burden of any kind on JILPT.
  4. Linking to the website, Etc
  1. Anyone wishing to may freely establish links to the website, for their own purposes and on their own responsibility, provided that the method employed does not violate copyright law (such as displaying content from the website within a frame on another Web page). However, sites falling into the following categories are strictly prohibited from establishing links to the website:
    * Sites containing material intended to libel, defame, or impair public trust in JILPT.
    * Sites containing illegal (or potentially illegal) material injurious to public order and morals as well as sites affiliated with groups intending to (or potentially intending to) make use of such material.
  2. JILPT makes the following request to persons wishing to establish links to the website:
    * After establishing the link or links, please contact us via inquiries form*open a new window of the URL(s) of the site(s) containing the link(s), the organization it is affiliated with, and contact information for the site administrator (If violation of copyright law is detected, persons responsible are requested to delete such content immediately.)
    * It is recommended that the links are to be established either with the toppage of our site or the toppage of the english site. For other pages, URL may change without announcement.
  1. Other
        The content of the website (including these terms of use) is subject to modification or removal without notice. Please contact us via inquiries form*open a new window, for questions or comments regarding the use of the web site.

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