Abstracts 2010

December 2010 (No.605)
Taxation, Social Security and Labour (PDF:30KB)

Taxation and Labor Supply
Shun-ichiro Bessho
Refundable Tax Credit as a Labour Policy Tool
Takeshi Fujitani
An Estimation of the Work Disincentive Effects of the Spousal Deduction and the Social Security Systems on the Labor Supply of Japanese Married Women
Shingo Takahashi
Rethinking Arguments for Abolishing or Curtailing the Category-3 Insured Persons System in a Public Pension System
Kayo Kurata
The Economic Implications of the Systems of Tax, Retirement Benefits, and Corporate Pensions
Kensuke Miyazawa

November 2010 (No.604)
Regional General Unions (PDF:22.5KB)

Organization, Activities and Significance of Regional General Unions in Japan: In Terms of the Resolution of Individual Labor Disputes
Haksoo Oh
Legal Disputes concerning Regional General Unions
Tetsunari Doko

October 2010 (No.603)
Career Transition: Turning Point of Career and the Way of Striking a Balance (PDF:28.3KB)

Theories of Careers and Carriers of Career Theories
Toshihiro Kanai
Career Transition in the J League: Theories and Practices for Career Support
Kiyoshi Takahashi/Kozaburo Shigeno
What Kind of Person does not leave the Company?
Kazuya Ogura
Career Transition among Working Women
Atsuko Kanai

September 2010 (No.602)
The Labour Issue of Youth:Looking Back over 20 Years (PDF:32KB)

Protection of Employment of Young Workers: Analysis of Cases on Withdrawal of Employment Offers of Regular Employees and Termination of Employment of Fixed-term Employees and Temporary Agency Workers
Hisashi Takeuchi-Okuno
Trends and Issues on Youth Policies after the "Plan for Independence and Challenges of Youth": Focusing on Career Education Policy
Koichiro Komikawa
What do We have to tell to Non-Elite University Students? The Social Meaning of the "Marginal University"
Koh Igami
Changes in Recruitment by Japanese Manufacturing Companies: Evidence from two Case Studies
Park Hongmoon
Career Development through Non-Regular Employment: An Analysis of Prescribed Factors in the Transition to Regular Employee Inclusive of Promotion
Reiko Kosugi
The Relationship between Part-Time Work Experience and Career Development of College Students
Tomoki Sekiguchi

August 2010 (No.601)
Health and Labour (PDF:29.3KB)

Health Effects on Labor Participation by the Elderly
Junya Hamaaki and Haruko Noguchi
Health Status and Labor Productivity
Michio Yuda
The Challenges concerning Current Issues in the Duty of Care for Occupational (Health and) Safety
Hajime Wada
Treatment for Workers with Health Problems: Comparison of Employers' Duty to Care for Employees Health and Reasonable Accommodation
Tamako Hasegawa

July 2010 (No.600)

Institutions, Ideologies and the Future of Labour Studies
D. Hugh Whittaker
Thinking about Future Labor Studies
Manfred Weiss
How might Future Labor Studies Evolve,from a French Labor Lawyer’s Point of View?
François Gaudu
Japan’s Human Capital Conundrum
Sanford M.Jacoby
Gender and Labour History : Some Methodological Suggestions
Janet Hunter
Imaging the Future : The Information Age Workforce
Janice R. Bellace
Prediction of Important Research Theme
Fumio Ohtake
Key Research Topics in Human Resources Management
Hiroki Sato
Career and the Law : In Search of a New Labor Law Principle
Yasuo Suwa
On Analysis of Labor Supply of Elderly
Atsushi Seike
On Establishing Human Resource Management as a Social Science Discipline
Motohiro Morishima
“Important” Topics in the Research of Labor Law :Why Should We Think about Them?
Ryuichi Yamakawa

June 2010 (No.599)
Concepts and Current Situations of "Work-Life Balance"(PDF:45KB)

Work-Life Balance Studies: Economic Concepts and Problems
Yoshiaki Omori
Review of Sociological Research on Work-Life Balance
Shingou Ikeda
On the Work-Life Balance from the Viewpoint of HRM Study
Takashi Watanabe
Position of Work-Life Balance in the Labor and Employment Law
Mutsuko Asakura
Measuring Trends in Allocation of Time over Two Decades
Sachiko Kuroda
Empirical Analysis of Attitude toward Risks and Compensating Wage Differentials
Koichi Kume

May 2010 (No.598)
Current Situation of the Research about Unemployment(PDF:35KB)

Unemployment in 2009: A Comparison between the Six Recession Periods
Yuji Genda
Basic Structure of Retirement-related Benefit System and Employment System
Yasuyuki Konishi
The Effect of Job Displacement on Subsequent Wages: A Review of Existing Studies and Prospects for Future Research
Ayako Kondo
Wife's Strategies for Coping When the Husband Loses His Job
Akane Murakami
Recession, Unemployment, and Suicide in Japan
Yasuyuki Sawada, Choi, Yun Jeong and Saki Sugano
Effect of Performance Appraisal, Compensation, and Job Characteristics on Employees' Motivation: An Empirical Analysis of Firm Microdata and a Questionnaire Survey
Hisanobu Kakizawa and Osamu Umezaki

April 2010 (No.597)
A Guide of Labor Issues for Beginners

[Macro Economic Situation and Labor Issues]

Rising Unemployment Rate
Hiroshi Teruyama
Employment Adjustment
Souichi Ohta
Social Exclusion and Working Poor
Masami Iwata
Supporting Undergraduate Students to Find Jobs and Develop Their Career in Universities
Mitsuko Uenishi

[Labor Policy]

Wage-tenure Profile and Productivity-tenure Profile
Naomi Kodama/Kazuhiko Odaki
The Impact of Minimum Wage Hikes
Yukiko Abe

[Social System Situation(Law, Regulation,Inspection)]

A Tale on the Dismissal Regulation in Japan
Ryo Kambayashi
Who is an Employee?
Shinya Ouchi/Shino Naito
Working Hours
Takashi Araki
Labor Standards Inspection Offices : Interview to the Director of Kashiwa Labor Standards Inspection Office
Fumiko Obata

[Internal Labor Market]

Increasing Diversity of Employee and HRM
Koichiro Imano
Shift of Part-time Workers to the Mainstream Workforce
Kazunari Honda
The Advantage and Disadvantage of Temporary Work
Tomoyuki Shimanuki
Development of High Potentials contributing to Core Competence in Japanese Corporations
Toshihiro Kanai
Bringing Women into Workforce through Equal Treatment
Akiko Ouchi
A Psychological Contract Perspective on Corporate Restructuring in Japanese Companies
Yasuhiro Hattori
The Change of Personnel Grading System
Mitsutoshi Hirano

[Industrial Relations]

The Role of the Trade Union
Yasuo Murasugi
The Meaning, Role and Issue of "Shunto"
Yoshiro Kutani

Quitting Work for Elderly Care, and the Need for Family-care Leave(PDF:19KB)
Shingou Ikeda

February-March 2010 (No.596)
Refereed Articles(PDF:40KB)

Unpaid Overtime Work, Management of the Workplace and Working Style, and Working-Hour Management: A Mechanism That Leads to Unpaid Overtime Work
Eiichi Ooki and Kazuo Taguchi
Job-based Wages and Efficiency Wages under the Emerging Competency-based System: Another Aspect on HRM Reform at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 1968
Makoto Suzuki
An Empirical Study of Newcomers' Job Search Processes
Tomokazu Takeuchi and Norihiko Takeuchi
Reform of the Pay System in Japan Immediately after World War II: Analysis of Materials of Joint Management Council (1945-1949)"
Osamu Umezaki and Chiaki Nagumo

Special Issue 2010 (No.595)
The Paradigm Transformation of the Regional Employment Policy(PDF:49KB)

Regional Employment Policy and Job Creation
Minoru Itoh
Influence of Parents' Unemployment on the Health of Newborn Babies
Miki Kohara and Fumio Ohtake
Product-developing SMEs as a Working Place for Human Resources of Science and Technology in Regions: Using Data from a Survey on Firms in the Keiji Region
Toshihiro Kodama
Active Reform of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in EU Countries: The Urgent Need for Japan to Enhance VET
Katsuhiko Iwata
The Change of Method to develop Technical Workers in Japanese Manufacturing Industry : From the Type of using OJT mainly and Off-JT complementary to the Type of using OJT and Off-JT together
Makoto Fujimoto and Eiichi Ooki
System of Human Resource Development to Promote Learning and Expertise of White-collar Workers in Organizations and Desired Functions of the Human Resource Department in the Future
Hiromichi Saito
Globalization and Increasing Non-regular Employment: A Comparison of Japan and Korea
Machiko Osawa and Myoung-jung Kim
How Should the Law Govern Temporary Agency Workers in the Labor Market? An Analysis of the Dutch and German Systems for Job Security and Equal Treatment
Atsushi Honjo
Temporary Labor Certification Program for Non-immigrants: Legal Structure in the United States and Suggestions for Japan
Chizuko Hayakawa

January 2010 (No.594) The Professional Labor Market(PDF:33KB)

To What Extent is Occupational Experience Important?
Akihito Toda
How should We Recognize the Utility of Vocational Qualification in Japan?
Kenji Agata
Career Building of Physicians and Their Shortages
Atsushi Yoshida
Labor Law Issues on Hospital Physicians
Ikuko Mizushima
The Japanese Law School System: From the Perspective of Human Capital Investment Theory
Tomio Kinoshita
Ph.D. as a Professional: Issues in the Early Careers of Doctorate Holders
Shinichi Kobayashi
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