The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies (Nihon Rodo Kenkyu Zasshi)
Back Number 2002

December 2002 (No.509) Reform of the Public Servant System
Summing up the Major Issues in Public Service Reforms: An Economist's Point of View Takenori Inoki (PDF:172KB)
The Background and Future of Reforms to Japan's Civil Service Hiroaki Inatsugu
The Distance between Civil Service Law and Labour Law: On Guaranteeing Status under Civil Service Law Yasushi Shimoi
Considering Reforms in the Personel Administration System in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools through a Dialog with an Educational Sociologist Keisuke Nakamura
Promotion System of Japanese Civil Servants: A Case Study of Prefecture A Hodaka Maeura
Nov. 2002 (No.508) New Trends in Labour Law of France, Australia and Netherlands
New Trends in Reformation of French Labour Law Vincent Wauquier (PDF:111KB)
Deregulation of Australian Labour Law Joo-Cheong Tham
Worksharing Policy and Labour Market Flexibilisation in the Netherlands Gustav J.J.
Heerma van Voss
October 2002 (No.507) Changing Corporate Governance and Labour Employment Relations
Legal Framework for the New System of the Companies with Committees and Exective Officer(s) Hiroyuki Kansaku (PDF:174KB)
Corporate Governance and Japanese Labour Law; How is the Interest of Employees Protected? Shinya Ouchi
Impact of a Change in Corporate Governance on Employment Relationships Hiroshi Osano
Corporate Governance and Management Reforms at Hitachi Ltd. D.H. Whittaker
The Role of Labor Law in Corporate Restructuring in the United States S.J. Schwab
September 2002 (No.506) Future of Labour Market Services
Current Status and Future Tasks of the Private Employment Service Sector Tetsu Sano (PDF:119KB)
Legal Regulation of Labour Market Services Kenji Arita
The Role of Public Employment Services: Preliminary Assessment of the Japanese Experiment Jiro Nakamura
Job Change Success: Effects of Job Change Reasons and Search Paths Chae In-Seok
Motohiro Morishima
August 2002 (No.505) Atypical Employment
International Comparison of Atypical Employment: Concepts and Current Stiation in Japan, U.S. and European Countries Kazuya Ogura (PDF:122KB)
The Legal Regulation of Labour Not Directry Employed by Its Users Junichiro Mawatari
Flexible Staffing Arrangements and Workplace Problems Takuma Kimura
Turnover Intentions of R&D Professonals Yukiko Murakami
July 2002 (No.504) Corporate Pension and Labour
Corporate Pension Reform and Role of Public Pension in Japan Yoshimi Kikuchi (PDF:196KB)
Employer-sponsored Pension Plans and Financial Education: Empirical Studies in the U.S. and Their Implications for Japanese 401(k) Takashi Oshio
The Evaluation of New Type of Occupational Pensions in Changing Labour Market Masaharu Usuki
Let's Give up Using the Term "Kigyo-nenkin" Seiyo Kojima
The Future of the Corporate Pension Reform in Germany: Concerning the Share of the Role of Public Pension and Private Pension Kinuko Watanabe
June 2002 (No.503) In Pursuit of Work-Life Balance
Conditions and Issues Involved in Utilizing Childcare Leave in the Workplace Akira Wakisaka (PDF:171KB)
Family-friendly Policies and Equal Opportunity Policies Akira Kawaguchi
Impacts of Family-friendly Practices on Employee Attitude and Organizational Performance Hiromi Sakazume
A Family-friendly Workplace and Labour Union Efforts Masako Maeda
Carreer Stress and Work-Life Balance Atsuko Kanai
May 2002 (No.502) Status and Issues of Care Workers
Analysis of Recent Increase of Demand for Long-term Care in Japan Wataru Suzuki (PDF:142KB)
Present State and Awareness of Care Workers and Future Direction Yoshikatsu Shinozaki
Job Performance Skills in Community Care Koichi Ogasawara
Does Zitan Improve Workers' Welfare?: Medical Care Analysis Approach Koichiro Sawano
February-March 2002 (No.500) COMMEMORATIVE 500TH ISSUE
Law and Policy on Employment: The Justification of Employment Dismissal Regulation Takashi Uchida (PDF:238KB)
"Law and Ecconomics" on Labour: Theories Reflecting Present Ratio of Organization Factor to Market Factor Yasuo Suwa
Rules on Modifications in Working Conditions: A Dialogue between Labour Law and Industrial Relations Michio Nitta
Limits and Challenges regarding Labour Economic Approach Hiroyuki Chuma
Evaluation of Case Studies on Production Workshops in the 1990s Kuramitsu Myramatsu
Ethnographic Studies on Labour: A Critical Reappraisal of the Scientific Status of Fieldwork Methodology Ikuya Sato
A Study of Income Inequality and Households with the Elderly in Japan: A Cross-national Comparison with Industrial Nations Sawako Shirahase
January 2002 (No.499) The Present Situation of Labour Law Theories
Satisfaction, Wages, Training and Productivity of New Hires Masako Kurosawa (PDF:103KB)
Fluctuations of Job Creation and Destruction in Japan: Evidence from the Employment Trend Survey(1986-1998) Hiroshi Teruyama
Yuji Genda
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