Abstracts 2014

December 2014 (No.653)
Labour Issues Facing Middle-Aged Worker(PDF:443KB)

Changes Experienced by Middle-aged Employees in Japan's Labor Market
Yuko Ueno
Ryo Kambayashi
An Empirical Analysis of Organizational Hiring Activity of Middle-aged and Older Personnel
Akie Nakamura
Issues and Problems of Mid-career in Organizational Career Development
Ryuta Suzuki
The Current Status and Issue of Middle-aged Employees in a Company: From the Viewpoint of Labor-Management Relationship
Sumiko Ebisuno
Sakae Oguma
Yasuo Murasugi
Work and Life Conflict of Middle Aged Workers: Time Allocation of Work Hours and Elderly Care
Sachiko Kuroda
Work-life Balance and Mental Health among Dual-earner Couples
Akihito Shimazu
A Study about Legal Subjects for the Middle-Aged Class: How the Problems of Workers Carrying both Family Responsibility and Labour Responsibility were Dealt with in the Japanese Labour Laws
Toshiko Kanno
The Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake on Jobs
Yuji Genda

November 2014 (No.652)
Roles of Industrial Unions(PDF:411KB)

Negotiations and Agreements of Labor Unions and Employers in the Industrial Sector in Japan
Miki Kawaguchi
“Globalizing” Labor Relations and the Responses of Japanese Trade Union: Taking an Indonesian Cases
Ikuro Yamamoto
International Comparison of the Industrial Labor Agreement System: Germany and France
Yota Yamamoto
The AFL-CIO Looks to an Activist Past to Secure the Future for Workers
Charles Weathers

October 2014 (No.651) 
What should be Done to Reduce Long-term Unemployment?(PDF:712KB)

The Generating Mechanism and Consequences of Long-term Unemployment: A Theoretical Consideration
Naoki Mitani
Long-term Unemployed in Japan after the Global Financial Crisis
Takehisa Shinozaki
The U.S. Labor Market in the Great Recession: The Rise in Long-term Unemployment and Labor Market Policies
Hiroaki Miyamoto
Long-Term Unemployment: Trends and Measures in Europe
Kazufumi Yugami
Yoshiyuki Tanaka
Inheriting Jobs: The Effects of Long-term Unemployment and Networks of Personal Contacts
Atsushi Sannabe
The Idea of Employment Policy and the Measures against Long-term Unemployment
Yasuyuki Konishi
Communication Competence Required by Bridge Resources in Global IT Companies; Based on a Survey on Indian and Sri Lankan Bridge Resources and Colleagues
Azusa Ebisuya

September 2014 (No.650) 
Performance Evaluation of Japanese Workplace in the 2010s(PDF:419KB)

Rationality of Dismissal based on Evaluation of Ability in Japanese Companies
Masaki Imura
Features of Human Resource Management on Restricted-regular Employees: Is It a Signal of the Changing Japanese HRM System?
Itaru Nishimura
The Effects of Non-cognitive Abilities on Labor Market Outcomes
Sun Youn Lee
Narratives on "Ningen-Ryoku": An Analysis of Magazine Features
Tomokazu Makino
The Comparison of the Mental Health of Full-time Workers, Part-time Workers and Unemployed People: Focusing on the Voluntariness of the Employment Situation and Attitude towards Work
Miho Takahashi
Shinichiro Morita
Kazuko Ishizu

August 2014 (No.649) 
Small and Medium Enterprises and the Institution of Employment(PDF:431KB)

The History of SME Policies in Postwar Japan and their Development
Shigeru Matsushima
Productivity and Wage Differences by Firm Size
Kyoji Fukao
Tatsuji Makino
Kenta Ikeuchi
HyeogUg Kwon
YoungGak Kim
Decreased Start-up Ratio in Japan: What Can and Should the Public Policy Do?
Hiroyuki Okamuro
The Current State and the Direction of Labor Law Regulations on Small and Mediumsized Enterprises
Kazuyoshi Yamakawa
Employment Fluctuations of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Minoru Ito
Are Personnel Management Systems Necessary in Small and Medium Enterprises?
Akira Wakisaka
The Actual State and Direction of Labor-Management Relations in SMEs: Realization of Managerial Resources through Labor-Management Communication and Legislation for an Employee Representative System
Hak-soo Oh

July 2014 (No.648) 
Why Are Gender Differences Persistent in Japanese Labor Market?(PDF:434KB)

Gender Gap in the Japanese Labour Market : Selection into Employment and Relative Wages of Women
Yukiko Asai
Determinants of Gender Inequality in the Proportion of Managers
Kazuo Yamaguchi
An Analysis of Workplace Factors in Women?s Ambition for Promotion
Emiko Takeishi
Job Segregation and Career Gap by Gender in Bank Clerks
Tomoko Komagawa
Legal Framework for Gender Equality ? Looking into the Development of Such Legal Theories in EU Law
Yoko Kuroiwa
Female Labor Participation and Sexual Division of Labor: A Consideration on the Persistent Male-Breadwinner Model
Junya Tsutsui
Gender Gaps of Achievement and Aspirations in Mathematics
Natsumi Isa
Ayumu Chinen
How are Gender Differences in Preference and Behavior Caused? An Explanation of Gender Segregation of Occupation from the Perspective of Social Psychology
Kiriko Sakata

June 2014 (No.647) 
For the Reconsideration of Employment Security Policy(PDF:413KB)

Three Issues to Reconsider with Regard to Labor Flexibility
Kyota Eguchi
German Labor Market Policy after the Hartz-Reform
Yoko Hashimoto
Job Security Policies from a Labor Law Perspective
Shinobu Nogawa

May 2014 (No.646) 
Employment of Persons with Disabilities(PDF:423KB)

Recent Trends (Reform) and Various Issues of Employment Policy for Persons with Disabilities
Hitomi Nagano
Reasonable Accommodation of Persons with Disabilities in Japan
Tamako Hasegawa
The Situation and Prospects of Employment for People with Mental Disabilities
Nobuaki Kurachi
Disability Employment Policy, Firm Performance and Productivity
Akira Nagae
Is the Diversity Management and Employment of Disabled Persons Consistent or Not?
Sadanori Arimura
Some Potentials and Problems of Shakaiteki Jigyosho wherein People with Disabilities Work with People without Disabilities as Equal Members: A Case of Kyo-do-ren
Akira Yonezawa
Research on Persons with Developmental Disabilities concerning Tasks Related to the Shift from School to Work and Job Assistance
Reiko Kogo

April 2014 (No.645) "Sensei" in Labour Markets


Occupational Prestige of the Professionals called “SENSEI” in Japan
Hiroshi Tarohmaru
The Origins of Job Titles in Health, Legal, and Business Professionals
Hiroshi Nishizawa
Doctor and Its Work; Review from Historical Perspective
Toshihiko Hasegawa
To Build the Reliable Medical System: Labor Circumstances for Doctors, and Its Sustainability
Tsuneo Nakajima
The Current Situation of Lawyers and Their Work
Yuji Kimura
Lawyers as Workers
Yasuhiro Umeda
Politician as a Profession, If Not a Vocation
Masahisa Endo
Professor and Academic Work
Akira Arimoto
Working Conditions of Secondary School Teachers in the Era of Social Change and Reforms
Sawako Yufu
The Labour Market for Lecturers and Instructors
Koji Takahashi
The Problems with an Increase in Non-Regular Teachers: A Critical Consideration as viewed from the Features of the Educational Work and the Teaching Career
Mariko Kaneko
The Master of Nohgaku
Kumiko Nishio
Art University Graduates and Labour
Akinori Kishi
The Work and the Legal Status of Professionals
Koichi Kamata
Some Suggestions on Packaging Your Manuscript for a Refereed Journal
Hiroshi Ono

Special Issue 2014 (No.644)
Refereed Articles(PDF:18KB)

Effect of Increase in the Rate of Parental Leave Income Replacement on Return to Work after Childbearing: An Assessment of the 2007 Reform
Yukiko Asai

January 2014 (No.642)
Did Recent Revisions of Japanese Employment Acts Attain Its Intended Goals?(PDF:36KB)

The Law concerning Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons: What the 2004 Revision Means
Hideyuki Morito
Did the Legal Obligation to Institute a System for Continued Employment Really Increase Elderly Employment? The Policy Evaluation of the Elderly Employment Stabilization Law
Ayako Kondo
The Significance of the Employment Measure Act of 2007 aiming to Achieve “Equal Opportunities for Older People”
Takeshi Yanagisawa
Policy Evaluation of the Employment Measure Act of 2007: Economic Approach
Masaru Sasaki
Kengo Yasui
Policy Analysis for the Revised Part-Time Labour Law
Mio Abe
Does the 2008 Revised Part-time Employment Act Improve the Work Conditions of the Part-time Workers?
Daiji Kawaguchi
Policy Evaluation on Worker Dispatching Act
Ryo Kambayashi
Yuichiro Mizumachi
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