The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies (Nihon Rodo Kenkyu Zasshi)
Back Number 2004

December 2004 (No.533) Jobless Youth : NEET
The Increase and Background of the Jobless Youth ? An examination of the jobless youth in the transition from school to working life Reiko Kosugi (PDF:27KB)
The Socially Excluded and the Jobless Youth : The policy Measures of U.K and Sweden Michiko Miyamoto
Career Decision of Japanese University Students:Psychological Determinants and Intervention Tomoko Adachi
Situations of Social Network of Jobless Youth and Assistance Measures Yukie Hori
Nov. 2004 (No.532) Special Issue for the Refereed Abstracts in 2004 Part 2
An Empirical Analysis of the Impact on Wages of Workers' Self-Development Keiko Yoshida (PDF:27KB)
What Influences a Non-Union Worker to Support Unions? ¤EFocusing on a Worker's Knowledge of His Employment Rights ¤E Hiromi Hara
Hiroki Sato
Human Resource Management of Female Researchers in Pharmaceutical Companies ¤EFactors which prevent continuous working ¤E/p>

Toyoko Kato

The Effects of Increase in Part-time Workers on Wage Structure of Full-time Workers Kazuaki Okamura
October 2004 (No.531) Foreign Workers
Current Situation of Foreign Workers Makoto Ogawa (PDF:19KB)
Supply-Demand Gap in the Japanese Labor Market and the Issue of Foreign Workers Junichi Goto
September 2004 (No.530) The Compliance and the Labour
Whistle Blowing and Labor Law in Japan Hideo Mizutani (PDF:28KB)
Sociopsychological Thinking of Whistle-blowing Kenichi Nitta
August 2004 (No.529) The Examination of the Wage System Reforms
Analysis of historical change in the wage system of NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION: pursuing a new direction in reforms of wage system Kazuo Taguchi (PDF:32KB)
Another Type of the Reform of Evaluation and Renumeration System: A case Study of a Company which strengthened HRM Cybernetics Shizue Igawa Hisakazu Matsushige
The Impact of Mergers on Employment: New Evidence from Personnel Data Katsuyuki Kubo
Labor Law Issues Relating to Wage System Changes the Study of Court Decisions on Labor Laws Kazuyoshi Yamakawa
Labor Adjustment Speed and High Farming out Rate of Information Technology Industry Megumi Okui
July 2004 (No.528) Long Term Unemployment
Long-term Unemployment in Japan Takehisa Shinozaki (PDF:37KB)
The Effect of Unemployment Insurance System on Long-term Unemployment Miki Kohara
Homeless Persons and Contemporary Japan Masami Iwata
The Effects of Unemployment on Happiness Fumio Ohtake
Potential of Short-Term Regular Employees Mitsuyo Matsubara
June 2004 (No.527) The Current Issues of Labour Representative System
The Extent of Employee Representation and Participation and its Determinants: Econometric Evidence from Japan Takao Kato (PDF:37KB)
The Process of Changing Working Conditions and Involvement by Labor Representatives Shinya Oouchi
Unionization of Part-Time Workers and Systems that Reflect their Opinions - Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Strategy for Union Member Treatment OH,Hak-Soo
Toward a comparative perspective on corporate governance and labour management Gregory Jackson
Taking Childcare Leave and Duration of Leave Period Mayumi Nishimoto
Panel Analysis on Women's Decision to Work - Re-examination of the Effects of the Husband's Income Mamiko Takeuchi
May 2004 (No.526) The Issues of the Increased Use of Contract Workers and Temporary Workers
Challenges regarding Human Resource Management (HRM) of Temporary Workers in Japan Tomoyuki Shimanuki
Motohiro Morishima
Business Strategy and Human Resource Management for Onsite Sub-contracting Service in the Manufacturing Industry Takuma Kimura
Yoshihide Sano
Makoto Fujimoto
Hiroki Sato
Utilizing Contract Laborers in the Electronics Industry and Obtaining Adequate Results from Them - A Case Study of Five Workplaces in two Electronics Firms Kazuhiko Nakao
The Conditions of Independent Contractors and the Use of a -Matching Mechanism Hiromi Murata
Contract Workers and the Labor Law Koichi Kamata
Employment Contract and Firm Boundaries Osamu Hayashida
February-March 2004 (No.524) Special Issue for the Refereed Abstracts in 2004
Non-Standard Work in the U.S. Yoshiko Takayama (PDF:258KB)
The "Seniority" in Promotion and Wage Systems of the Japanese Firm: An Empirical Analysis on Personnel Data Ma Jun
The Effects of Age-Grouped Mismatch on the Shift of UV Curves and Unemployment Masaru Sasaki
Job-Rotation System of Japanese Civil Servants: A Case Study of Prefecture A Hodaka Maeura
A Case Study: What's the Rule of Work-Organization and Implication of Introducing MBO in Local Government? Yoko Irie
January 2004 (No.523) Revision of the Labour Standards Law, the Worker Dispatching Law and the Employment Security Law
New Developments in Legal Regulations pertaining to Dismissal & Fixed-Term Employment Contracts in the Labour Standards (Amendment) Law 2003 Hiroshi Karatsu (PDF:244KB)
Revisions of the Employment Security Law and Worker Dispatching Law, as Discussed from a Legal Perspective Ikuko Mizushima
An Economic View on the Effects of Recent Labour Legislation in Japan Isao Ohashi
Recent Revision of the Labour Standards Law as It Relates to Personnel Management Katsuhiko Ogino
The Estimates and Problems of the Revision of the Labour Standards Law: As Viewed by an Employees' Attorney Kunio Miyazato
Dismissal Disputes and Revision of the Labour Standards Law, as Viewed by an Employers' Attorney Makoto Nakamachi
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