Abstracts 2005

December 2005 (No.545) Changes in the Roles of Management Positions and Employment Relationship
Quantitative Changes in Managerial Positions: Based on Their Number, Promotion Speed and Relative Wage with Respect to Non-Managerial Employees Masako
Employment Relation of Managerial Employees and Law Kenji
The Recent Changes of Managers and Their Experience of Stress


The Effect that Evaluator's Burden Gives to Evaluation Action Osamu
Human Resources Management in the UK Practices Different from Competitors' Pratices Atsushi
Nov. 2005 (No.544) Labour Law Precedents 2004-2005 / Manner of Contributing a Paper
The Effectiveness of the Labour Unions Organizing Activities for Part-Time Workers Kazunari Honda (PDF:14KB)
October 2005 (No.543) Labour and Privacy / Personal Data

The Legal Issues of Workers' Privacy in the Workplace

Ikuko Sunaoshi

Personal Data Protection Law and Labor Relations a Practical Perspective

Iwade Makoto

On Labour Condition Survey and the Privacy Protection

Yoshiro Matsuda

Change in workers' behavior caused by implementation of the performance based system and their feelings of fairness about the system

Hiroya Hirakimoto
September 2005 (No.542) Changes in the Labour Market for New Graduates
Labor Market for New Graduates in Japan : From Corporate Hiring Practice Hiromi Hara

The Sociology of Cognition of the Relationship between Employers and High Schools
: How and Why It Is Difficult to Comprehend ÔThe Substance of Quality' of Labour Force

Miki Tsutsui

The Human Resource Industry and Labor Market for New Graduates

Tetsu Sano

Recent Roles and Developments of the Special Training Colleges in Japan

Shuichi Tsukahara
August 2005 (No.541) Treatment of Professional

A study of the Recent Trend of the Employee's Invention System

Hisayoshi Yokoyama

ÒOptimal Contracts for InventionÓ

Shingo Ishiguro

The Mobility of R&D Wokers and the Technical Performance

Yaichi Aoshima

Treatment of Scientists and Engineers in Social Relativity

Masayo Fujimoto
July 2005 (No.540) Long Leave

Influence of Long Vacations on Corporate Management ø Observation of Cause-and-Effect Relationship

Kazuya Ogura
The long Leave and Ability Formation Eiichi Ohki
Legal Challenge to the "Long-term" Vacation Susumu Noda

Does Employer Discrimination Cause Female-Male Wage Differences?

Shinpei Sano
June 2005 (No.539) Regional Employment
Analysis of StaticDifferentials in Unemployment and Non-employment Rates by Prefecture Kazufumi Yugami
Regional Characteristics of the Japanese Youth Labor Market Souichi Ohta
The Cohort Factor in Increase/Decrease of the Work Force in Japan
: A Correlation Analysis Featuring 256 Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Kosuke Motani

Abolition of Factory Construction Restriction Revitalizes Osaka Economy

Etsusuke Masuda
May 2005 (No.538) Equal Employment and Equal Employment Opportunity Law
What Should Be Done to Reinforce the Anti-Sex Discrimination Act of 1997 ? Fujio Hamada
Employment Difference and Wage Disparities Masahiro Abe
February-March 2005 (No.536) Special Issue for the Refereed Abstracts in 2005
Economic Background of White Collar. Overtime Workwithout Pay":The Implicit Contract about Working Hoursand Remuneration Yohko Takahashi (PDF:43KB)
Is Private EmploymentAgencyMore. Efficient"thanPublic?:AnEmpirical Test by the Data between Two World Wars in Japan Ryo Kambayashi
The Effect of Disability Employment on Stock Prices : Web Announcement in Osaka Akira Nagae
The Effect of Uncertainty on Employment Adjustment: An Empirical Analysis
Using Firm-Level Panel Data
Kengo Yasui
The Child-Care Leave Law and the Demand for Female Labour Yoko Morita
January 2005 (No.535) Buisiness , Romance and Marriage

Boom and Bust in Marriages at Work and the Marriage Decline in Japan

Miho Iwasawa
Husami Mita

The Long-term Effect of the Past Unstable Employment Status

Tadashi Sakai

Effect of Marriage and Children on Male and Female Wages

Akira Kawaguchi
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