Foreign Researcher Invitation Program

JILPT Information on Foreign Researcher Invitation Program for FY2020

Application is closed.

1. Purpose

Against the background of economic and social globalization and recent drastic changes in international situation, research and studies of labor policies from an international perspective are essential. In such situation, this program aims to contribute to Japanese labor policies by inviting foreign researchers to Japan in order to develop a network with foreign researchers and research institutes on common labor issues and to promote mutual exchange and utilization of research results. The invitation program will be conducted effectively and efficiently with a special consideration to the relevancy with our research projects on labor policies and to an appropriate evaluation of significance to future implementation of research and studies on labor policies.

2. Program

Term of Invitation
A period not exceeding 90 days
Travel, living and other expenses will be covered.

Applicants are requested to

  1. contribute to JILPT's research activities,
  2. conduct research on Japanese labor policies or other labor issues,
  3. select a theme that falls under any of JILPT research projects,  (for additional information, please refer to following application process)
  4. submit a research report to the JILPT at the end of the stay,  (click here for the research reports submitted by past visiting researchers)
  5. be affiliated with a labor research institute or university in foreign countries, outside of Japan (excluding graduate students),
  6. possess an adequate command of Japanese or English,
  7. conduct research and remain with the JILPT, and
  8. be in good health to carry out and complete intended studies.

3. Application Process

For more details, please refer to Application Process FY2020 (PDF:234KB)

Please send the application document by e-mail or mailing.

(July 8, 2019 updated)

Reports by Visiting Researchers

JILPT invites foreign Researchers to provide them with opportunities for conducting Research on labor policy and labor issues in Japan, with the aim to improve the quality of labor policy Research both in and outside Japan. Listed are reports submitted by recent visiting Researchers.

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