The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies (Nihon Rodo Kenkyu Zasshi)
Back Number 2001

December 2001 (No.497) Evaluation of Employment Policies
Designing Policy Evaluations in Public Organizations Kuniaki Tanabe (PDF:131KB)
Policy Evaluation in Labour Economics: The Structural Estimation Method and the Natural Experiment Approach Susumu Imai
Toshihide Arimura
Higashi Katayama
The Effect of Unemployment Benefits to the New Job Condition: Programme Evaluation by Average Treatment Effect Yasushi Ohkusa
Representation, Accountability and Policy Effectiveness: Evaluating the Policy-making Process of the 1999 Revision of Worker Dispatching Law Mari Miura
October 2001 (No.495) Information Disclosure: Implications for Labour Issues
Recruitment, Information and Matching Jobs with Applicants Masahiro Abe (PDF:153KB)
Job Matching: Information and Social Networks Shin Watanabe
Personal Information in HRM Systems Tadashi Hiroishi
Disclosure of Information in the Labour Market from a Legal Point of View Makoto Iwade
September 2001 (No.494) Special Issue for the Refereed Abstracts in 2001
Wage Inequality and its Determinants in the 1980s-90s Takehisa Shinozaki (PDF:132KB)
The Impacts of Computer Use on Wage Structure Miki Kohara
Fumio Ohtake
Development of Quantitative Utilization of Part-time Workers Kazunari Honda
August 2001 (No.493) Housewives and Labour Market
Housekeepers' Capacity as a Supply of Labour: Estimation from the Distribution of Housework Time Sigeto Tanaka (PDF:130KB)
Is the Full-Time Housewife a Symbol of a Wealthy Family? Miki Kohara
His and Hers in the Japanese Nonprofit Labour Market Naoto Yamauchi
Starting Business for Housewives Hisakazu Matsushige
July 2001 (No.492) Work and Health
Job Stress and Health Promotion in the Workplace Fumio Kobayashi (PDF:116KB)
The Impact of Various Working Time Systems on Employees' Health and Lifestyles Takashi Asakura
Health Care of White-Collar Employees and Employers' Responsibilities Ikuko Mizushima
Industrial Accidents, Safety and Health and Internal Labour Markets Souichi Ohta
June 2001 (No.491) The Employment Dismissal Regulation
The Legal Justification of the Employment Dismissal Regulation in Japan Michio Tsuchida (PDF:148KB)
Job-Security Regulation from the Viewpoint of the Economic Theory of Incomplete Contracts Atsushi Tsuneki
Reflections on Legal Theory concerning Collective Redundancy Dismissal: Through the Re-examination of the Four Necessary Conditions Toshihiro Fujiwara
Employment Protection Legislation and Labour Market Performance Sachiko
Kuroda Nakada
May 2001 (No.490) The Future of Youth Employment
The School-to-Work Transition in Japan: What Lies behind the Job Choices of Young People? Masako Kurosawa
Yuji Genda
Structural Changes in the Youth Labour Market and Employment Policies: Experiences in OECD Countries Naoki Mitani
The Problem of the Increasing Number of Young Non-Regular Employees Reiko Kosugi
February-March 2001 (No.488) Refereed Abstracts
The Main Bank System and Employment Adjustment in Firms Masayo Tomiyama (PDF:78KB)
The Effect of Corporate Governance on Employment Adjustment in Japanese Manufacturing Firms Junko Urasaka
Tomohiko Noda
January 2001 (No.487) Aging Society and Employment in the 21st Century
Aging and the Labour Market in the 21st Century Junichi Goto (PDF:178KB)
Social Participation of Older Adults in the Workplace and in the Community: A Comparison of Japan and the United States Hidehiro Sugisawa
Hiroko Akiyama
Major Issues regarding Continued Employment of Older Workers in Japanese Firms Hiroyuki Fujimura
Economic Analysis of Age Discrimination: the Impact of Mandatory Retirement and Age Limitations in Hiring on the Utilization of Human Resources in an Aging Society Atsushi Seike
Age Discrimination Law in Employment: What Can We Learn from the United States? Hideyuki Morito
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