JILPT Research Report

JILPT regularly publishes English summaries of Research Reports as results of various Researches and studies conducted, originally in Japanese. Listed below are summaries of selected issues provided in English translation. Original reports (in Japanese) are available from here.


No.226 (April)

Comparative Analysis of Employment Termination Cases Resolved by Labor Tribunals or Court Settlements

No.224 (March)

Development of Contemporary British Labor Law Policy

No.223 (February)

Current Situation and Challenges in Introducing Measures for Career Development Support at Enterprises


No.222 (March)

Research on Labor Law Regulations on New Forms of Employment and the Criteria for Determining Worker Status in China

No.221 (March)

Changing Employment Society and its Vitality: Challenges of Work Styles Adapted to the Industrial Structure and Demographics


The Current Situation and Future Direction of the Long-term Employment System in Japan: Focusing on Mid-career Recruitment and New Business Developments

No.218 (March)

Empirical Analysis of the Impacts of Legal Policy regarding Temporary Agency Work

No.217 (March)

Study on Working Hours: Analysis of Individual Survey Results

No.216 (March)

Laws and Practices regarding Harassment—European and the United States Perspective

No.215 (March)

Job Change, Skill Development, and Career Formation of Middle-Aged Workers

No.214 (March)

Research on Difficulties and Support for Young People with Atypical Careers

No.213 (March)

Changes in Work and Consciousness of Youth in Major Urban Areas: From the 5th “Survey on the Working Style of Young People”

No.212 (February)

Research on Companies’ Wage Determination


No.211 (June)

Outlook and Challenges for an Era of Working Until Age 70: Empirical Analysis of Enterprises’ Continuous Employment Systems and Individual Careers

No.210 (March)

The Future of the Japanese Long-Term Employment Society: The Consequences of Post-Industrialization and Increase of Unmarried Workers

No.209 (March)

Labor Law and Policy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Issues of Japanese Law in View of German Legal Developments in Relation to Work 4.0

No.208 (March)

Disparities Associated with Work and Child-Rearing

No.207 (February)

Overseas Labor Policy Trends concerning Employment-Like Working Styles: A Survey of Germany, France, the UK, and the US

No.206 (February)

Content Analysis of Labor Standards Inspection Documents Related to Worker Status


No.205 (September)

Comparative Legal Study of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Systems: Status and Issues of Japanese Law in View of Current German, French, US, and UK Law

No.204 (March)

Combining Work and Care under the Re-familization of Elderly Care in Japan

No.203 (January)

Research on Job Search Interventions: Examination of the Feasibility of a Cyclical Self-Regulatory Model of Job Search Process Quality


Nursing Care of Parents in the 30s and 40s: How it Hinders the Careers and Marriages of Japanese Carers (PDF:1.80MB)


No.202 (March)

“New Forms of Employment” and Worker Protection under the Sharing Economy in China: Problems in Regulation and Practice


No.201 (March)

The Current State of the Japanese-Style Employment System for High School Graduates: Based on Case Studies of 1997, 2007, and 2017

No.200 (March)

Survey on Activities, Etc. of Nationally Licensed Career Consultants


No.199 (October)

Disparities in career decisions and perceptions among young people in major urban areas: Based on the 4th Survey on the Working Style of Young People

No.198 (October)

Research and Development of Training Program Utilizing Transcript Analysis of Vocational Counseling and Referral Services: Solution-Focused Approach

No.197 (March)

Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations: France

No.196 (March)

Human Resources Development and Career Management in Japanese Companies

No.195 (March)

Hiring and Workplace Assimilation at SMEs

No.194 (March)

Research on Identifying and Developing Next-Generation Executives: Focusing on Manufacturing Companies with Global Expansion Strategies

No.193 (March)

Recent Development of Collective Labor Relations in Germany: The Legal Framework and the Actual Labor Conditions by Collective Agreement

No.192 (March)

Childcare, Family Care and Pursuing Vocational Careers: Women’s Labor Force Participation and Men’s Home Life

No.191 (March)

Current Status, Effects and Latent Needs of Career Counseling: From Survey Results including Responses from 1,117 Persons with Experience of Counseling

No.190 (March)

Research on Emerging Atypical Work Organizations in Europe

No.189 (March)

Distress in Childrearing Households

No.188 (March)

Research on the Work and Lives of Non-Regular Workers in Mid-Prime-Age: Focusing on Conversion to Regular Employment


No.186 (November)

Elderly Employment in an Era of Labor Shortage

No.185 (November)

Polarization of Working Styles and Regular Employees: Results of Secondary Analysis of JILPT Questionnaire Surveys

No.184 (May)

Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations: Summary and Observations

No.183 (May)

Research on Employment at NPOs: Assessing Change Caused by Continuous Growth and Disasters

No.182 (May)

Research and Development of the “Workshop for Visualization of Vocational Counseling Skills―‘Kan’ (hunch) and ‘Kotsu’ (knack)”: Training Research that incorporates cognitive task analysis


No.181 (December)

Survey of Participants in the Job Seeker Support System: Study based on a three-point longitudinal survey comprising pre-training, post-training, and follow-up surveys

No.180 (September)

Research on the Work and Lives of Non-Regular Workers in Mid-Prime Age: With focus on career analysis

No.179 (May)

Labor-Management Relations in Sweden – With Focus on Rules for Wages and Labor Mobility: “Research Project on Directions for Collective Labor Relations in Connection with the Establishment of Norms” Swedish Case

No.178 (May)

Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations: Company-based Collective Agreements in France

No.177 (May)

Systems of Industrial Relations at Company and Workplace Level in Germany: With focus on the establishment of norms by works agreements and company-based collective agreements

No.176 (May)

Studies on Occupational Structure II: Data Analysis on Present Status, Change, Requirements and Private Life Based on an Online Occupational Trends Survey with 50,000 Working People

No.175 (April)

The Development of Human Resources Business in the Career-Change Market

No.174 (April)

Comparative Analysis of Employment Dispute Cases Resolved by Labour Bureau Conciliation, Labour Tribunals and Court Settlement

No.173 (May)

Present Situation of the Legal System Governing Dismissal in France

No.172 (March)

The German System of Monetary Settlement in Cases of Dismissal: Its Legal Framework and Realities

No.171 (May)

In-house Career Counseling and its Characteristics in Japan: Results of free description in the questionnaire survey and interview survey

No.170 (May)

Combining Work and Care


No.169 (December)

Employment of Disaster Victims in the Recovery and Reconstruction Phase: Roles Played by the Emergency Job Creation Program from the Aspect of “Cash for Work”

No.168 (May)

Current Status and Issues of the Supply & Demand Structure of Nursing Care Workers: For stable supply of care workers

No.167 (May)

Comprehensive Community Care in the Netherlands: Enhancing care provision system and securing care workers

No.166 (May)

Mechanism of Employment Portfolio Formation: Empirical study through qualitative analysis

No.165 (May)

Labor Management Relations in Sweden: With focus on analysis of agreements ("Research Project on Directions for Collective Labor Management Relations in Connection with the Establishment of Norms", Swedish case)

No.164 (May)

Research on the Work and Lives of Middle-aged (35-44) Non-Regular Workers: Analysis of present situation

No.163 (March)

Survey Research on the Job Seeker Support System: Survey and analysis of vocational training institutions

No.162 (March)

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Sites of Vocational Training: Records of the Miyagi Polytechnic Center, from the Disaster to Recovery and Reconstruction (JILPT, Compilation of the Results of the Project to Record the Great East Japan Earthquake No.7)


No.161 (November)

Transition in Diversification of Employment III: 2003 / 2007 / 2010/ Based on Special Tabulation of the “Survey on Diversification of Employment” of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

No.160 (May)

Working Styles and Career Situations in Agency Work: Multiple Analysis on the Survey of Agency Workers, Agency Clients, and Temporary Agencies

No.159 (June)

Women Fighting to Balance Between Child-rearing and Work: Re-analysis of the JILPT National Survey of Households with Children 2011

No.157 (March)

Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations: Industry-Based Agreements in Germany and France

No.156 (March)

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Records on Employment and Labor: 1st Compilation Report on the Project to Record the Earthquake (JILPT, Compilation of the Results of the Project to Record the Great East Japan Earthquake No.3)

No.155 (March)

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Human Resource Development Facilities: Records from Disaster Response to Recovery and Reconstruction (JILPT, Compilation of the Results of the Project to Record the Great East Japan Earthquake No.2 (March 2013)

No.154 (March)

Work and consciousness of 30s in Tokyo: From "the survey on the working style of 30s

No.153 (March)

Effects and Problems of Employment Type Training in the Job Card System: From a job-seekers follow-up survey and an interview survey with participating companies

No.152 (March)

Working Styles, Vocational Capability and Career Development: From the results of the 2nd Survey on Working and Learning


No.151 (June)

Comparative Law Study on Work-Life Balance <Final Report> (PDF:292KB)

No.150 (April)

Childbirth/Childcare and Job Continuity – Addressing Job Mobility and 24–hour Society –(PDF:372KB)

No.149 (March)

Study on Various Adult Career Guidance Needs and Desirable Guidance Services (PDF:614KB)

No.148 (March)

Work and Consciousness of Youth in Tokyo: From "The third survey on the working style of young people" (PDF:211KB)

No.147 (March)

Recruitment and Retention of Human Resources at SMEs – Attractive Job Offers, Free and Vigorous Workplace Atmosphere / Eye-Tracking Experiments, HRM Checklist, Etc. – (PDF:303KB)

No.146 (March)

The Studies on Occupational Structure – Numerical Analyses of Occupations and An Analysis of Occupational Mobility – (PDF:800KB)

No.145 (March)

A Study on Employment Portfolios —Cases for IT Solution and Research Divisions at Manufacturers and a Department Store—(PDF:216KB)

No.144 (March)

New Labor Organizations in the U.S. and Their Networks (PDF:304KB)

No.143 (March)

Report on Secondary Analysis of Data from JILPT Fact-Finding Survey on Diversified Employment Types -- New and Old Frontier Viewpoints -- (PDF:95KB)

No.142 (March)

A Study on Elderly People´s Social Contribution Activities -- Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis -- (PDF:236KB)

No.141 (March)

Problems in Career Guidance for Unemployed Graduates (PDF:46KB)

No.140 (January)

Employment and Economic Independence of Single Mothers (PDF:72KB)


No.139 (November)

Career Path, Working Style, and Awareness among Temporary Agency Workers Registered with Temp Staff Agencies: Based on Interview Survey with 88 Temporary Agency Workers (PDF:120KB)

No.138 (June)

Study on the Current Status of the Employment Portfolio System: From the Perspectives of Manpower Management and Total Labor Cost Management (PDF:94KB)

No.137 (June)

Study on the Current Status of Employment among the Elderly (PDF:122KB)

No.136 (May)

Job Continuity at the Stage of Childbirth/Childcare: Trends from 2005 Onward (PDF:116KB)

No.135 (May)

Work-Life Balance at Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (PDF:138KB)

No.134 (May)

A Study Concerning the Promotion of Migration to Regions outside the Three Major Metropolitan Areas and the Activation of Endogenous Employment Creation by Using Migrants (PDF:296KB)

No.133 (April)

Content Analysis of Individual Labor Disputes Resolution Cases Ⅱ – Quasi-dismissals, Mental Health Problems, Job Transfers, Probationary Periods, and Claims for Compensation against Workers – (PDF:75KB)

No.132 (April)

Research Report on Non-Regular Employment: Focusing on Trends, Equal Treatment, and the Transition to Regular Employment  (PDF:153KB)

No.131 (March)

Human Resources Development at SMEs in the Manufacturing Industry (Machinery and Metals) (PDF:120KB)

No.130 (March)

Study on Personnel Management and Working Situation of Fixed-Term Full-Time Employees (PDF:124KB)

No.129 (March)

The Potential of Social Enterprises That Assist with the Social Integration of Youth and Related Themes (PDF:82KB)

No.128 (March)

 Work Characteristics, Personal Characteristics, and Working Hours (PDF:147KB)

No.127 (March)

How Wives View Their Husbands’ Working Hours: An Analysis of the Results of a Questionnaire Surveying Wives about Their Husbands' Working Hours (PDF:170KB)


No.126 (September)

An Interview Survey on Fixed-Term Contracts for Workers and Employment Management: Companies' Current Application of Fixed-Term Employment Contracts and Related Policy Issues (PDF:150KB)

No.125 (November)

Career Education during the School Years and Young Peoples' Occupational Lives (PDF:326KB)

No.124 (July)

Career Management at Temporary Agencies
- The Potential for Registered Dispatched Workers´ Career Development, as Seen through Interview Surveys - (PDF:149KB)

No.123 (June)

Content Analysis of Individual Labor Dispute Resolution Cases― Termination, Bullying/Harassment, Reduction in Working Conditions, and Tripartite Labor Relationships― (PDF:63KB)

No.122 (June)

Woman's Ways of Working and Job Continuation at the Stage of Childbirth/childcare -- the Problems of Supporting the Continuation Process and Building Workplaces that Encourage Woman to Continue Working --- (PDF:116KB)

No.121 (May)

An Analysis of Vocational Certification in Japan - In Light of the Findings of a Web Survey Certifications - (PDF:82KB)

No.120 (July)

The Present Situation and Problems of Employment of the Elderly Concerning Continued Employment (PDF:146KB)

No.119 (May)

Regional Employment Strategies and Job Creation Activities in Municipalities (PDF:425KB)

No.118 (March)

Human Resource Development and Competence Development in Smaller Service Industries (PDF:119KB)

No.117 (March)

Career Development of Contingent Workers - The Current Status of Ability Development and the Transition to Regular Employees (PDF:99KB)

No.116 (March)

Comparative Law Study on Work-Life Balance – Interim Report

No.115 (March)

Transition in Diversification of Employment II: 2003-2007 - Based on a Special Tabulation of the "Survey on Diversification of Employment" of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare - (PDF:269KB)

No.114 (March)

Research on Adult Career Development - Career Development Looked Back on by Workers in their Fifties - (PDF:870KB)


No.113 (July)

Study on Securing of Workers in the Long-term Care Sector (PDF:105KB)

No.112 (July)

Human Resource Development and Treatment of Skilled Workers in the Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Industry - Present State of Machinery and Metal - related Industries - (PDF:87KB)

No.111 (July)

Occurrence Mechanism and Resolution Process of Labor Disputes - Cases of Community Unions (Kyushu Area) - (PDF:226KB)

No.110 (June)

Analysis of Firm-Provided Training for Non-Rsegular Employees in Japan - Based on Special Analysis of FY 2006 Basic Survey of Human Resources Development - (PDF:89KB)

No.109 (May)

Childcare Leave System and Women's Job Continuity - Comparative Analysis by Company Size - (PDF:171KB)

No.108 (May)

Employment Behavior and School-to-Work Transition of Provincial Youth (PDF:96KB)

No.107 (May)

Action Research in Career Counseling Project Study "Research and Development for Enhancement of the Supply-Demand Adjustment Function and the Career Support Function in the Labor Market" (PDF:170KB)

No.106 (April)

Research Study on Diversification of Working Places and Working Hours (PDF:332KB)

No.105 (March)

Resignation and Reemployment During the Period of Marriage, Childbirth and Child Rearing - Women's Career Development and Issues - (PDF:113KB)


No.104 (October)

Youth Career Development Support at School and Career Development - For Cooperation between Career Education and Labor Administration - (PDF:346KB)

No.103 (July)

Human Resource Development in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - Preliminary Consideration - (PDF:87KB)

No.102 (July)

Study on Job Creation in Regional Areas (PDF:84KB)

No.101 (June)

Study on Employment Support for Single-Female Parent (PDF:129KB)

No.100 (June)

Study on Employment Situation of the Elderly: Interim Report of Research on Employment Promotion of the Elderly (PDF:153KB)

No.99 (June)

The Fixed -Term Contract Employees and Childcare Leave (PDF:96KB)

No.98 (July)

Research on Support for Development of In-house Dispute Settlement Systems (PDF:79KB)

No.97 (June)

Changes in Japanese-Style Employment System for High School Graduates and Grope for Possible New Ways (PDF:96KB)

No.96 (April)

Women's Reemployment after the Period of their Child Rearing – Issues and Solutions (PDF:146KB)

No.95 (March)

Research on Theoretical Analysis of Unemployment Rates - Interim Report (PDF:88KB)


No.94 (November)

Relationship between Conduct of Business, Personnel Management and Labor-Management Communications during Business Turnarounds (PDF:84KB)

No.93 (October)

Measures Taken by Municipalities to Cope with Employment Issues (PDF:68.8KB)

No.92 (October)

Parents' Views of Children's Futures and Career Education/ Career Guidance (PDF:325KB)

No.91 (October)

Research on Techniques for Career Counseling (PDF:145KB)

No.90 (October)

Labor-Management Communication and Decision-making on Working Conditions in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (PDF:67KB)

No.89 (September)

Study on Strategic Challenges concerning Urban Employment and Urban Functions (PDF:136KB)

No.88 (September)

Research Report on the Social Function of the Voluntary Rules and its Influence on Corporate Investment Behavior in Foreign Countries

No.87 (May)

Development of Vocational Readiness of Junior and Senior High School Students: Through Analysis of Research on Standardization of Vocational Readiness Tests (PDF:59KB)

No.86 (May)

Interim Report on "Research on Support for Development of In-house Dispute Settlement System" (PDF:93KB)

No.85 (April)

Survey Research Report on the Work and Lives of Baby-boomers (PDF:111KB)

No.84 (April)

Policies of Labor and Employment, Social Securities in Germany and France

No.83 (June)

Present Situation and Problems for Human Resources Management toward Continued Employment of Older Workers (PDF:77KB)

No.82 (April)

Path to Development of NPO Employment – Seen from Human Resources, Financial and Legal Perspectives – (PDF:86.1KB)

No.80 (April)

Current State and Challenges of the Education and Training Services Market (PDF:64.9KB)

No.79 (April)

Efforts and Direction of Employment Support for Young People – Support models and desired profile of supporters – (PDF:83KB)

No.78 (April)

University Students and Their Employment – Consideration from the Viewpoint of Supporting the Transition to Work and Human Resource Development – (PDF:69.5KB)

No.77 (April)

Current Situations and Issues of Occupational Classification Commonly Used by Private and Public Sectors (PDF:83.5KB)

No.76 (March)

Japanese Automotive Industry's Labor-Management Relations and International Competitiveness – From Production, Production Technology and R&D Perspectives – (PDF:89KB)

No.75 (March)

Diversification of Working Styles and Safety Nets: Focusing on Capability Development and Work-Life Balance (PDF:89KB)

No.74 (March)

Research Report on Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility and Human Resources Strategies (PDF:278KB)


No.73 (December)

For Expanded Use of Family Care Leave System – Report on "the Study of the Utilization of Family Care Leave System and Related Matters" – (PDF:103KB)

No.72 (November)

School-to-Work Transition and Employment of Youth in Tokyo – For Comprehensive Support to Transition – (PDF:95KB)

No.71 (October)

Study on Interrelationships between Urban Policies and Employment Policies (PDF:138KB)

No.70 (September)

Report on Analysis of Issues Regarding Diversified Working Styles (PDF:198KB)

No.69 (October)

Labor Market Reform in Germany

No.68 (September)

Transition of Diversification of Employment between 1994 and 2003 (PDF:305KB)

No.67 (October)

Comparative Study on Legal Notion of Term 'Worker'

No.66 (October)

Tool Development Supporting Re-Employment of the Middle-Aged and Older Persons, Project Research: Research on Re-Employment Support for the Unemployed White-Collar Middle-Aged and Older Persons (Interim report) (PDF:357KB)

No.65 (June)

Research on the Status of Local Job Creation (PDF:112KB)

No.64 (May)

Balancing Work with Life: Child care and Family Care (PDF:492KB)

No.63 (June)

Employment Strategy of the Future: Prosperous and Energetic Society in which Everyone is Shining and Motivated

No.62 (June)

Research on Night Work Performed by Young Workers in Various Countries: State of Labor by Children Actors, Etc.

No.61 (June)

Human Resource Management of Today's Japanese Firms: Interim Report of the Research Project "Comprehensive Analysis of Firms' Management Strategies, Personnel Treatment Systems, Etc.

No.60 (May)

Salaried Staffs and Volunteers at NPOs: Their Working Styles and Attitudes (PDF:783KB)

No.59 (May)

European System of Foreign Workers Immigration and Social Integration: Five Nation Comparative Survey in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, and the Netherlands

No.58 (May)

Report on the Survey and Research on the Trend of International Assistance in the Field of Labor and Assistance by Japan

No.57 (May)

A Study of Occupational Classification for Employment Placement Services (PDF:300KB)

No.56 (May)

Reconstruction of the Mechanism for Establishing Terms and Conditions of Employment based on Changes in the Social-Economic Structure (PDF:521KB)

No.55 (May)

Change in Labor Relations and Ideals of Legal System (PDF:293KB)

No.54 (April)

Research Survey on the Demand Structure of the Education and Training Service Market – From the Viewpoint of Vocational Ability Development Behavior of Individuals– (PDF:568KB)

No.53 (April)

Current Situation and Future Direction of Vocational Ability Development in Japan (PDF:535KB)

No.52 (April)

Significance of Home-based Work in the Child- Rearing Period (PDF:668KB)

No.51 (April)

Career Analysis of Modern Japanese People from Different Viewpoints: Drastic Changes in Japanese Society and Workers' Lifestyles (PDF:268KB)

No.50 (March)

Support for Balancing Work and Childcare: Cooperation among Companies, Families, and Communities (PDF:548KB)

No.49 (April)

Workers' Awareness at a Time of change: Report on the Results of the "Survey on Career Design and Human Resource Management Evaluation in a New Era" (PDF:509KB)

No.48 (April)

Labor Unions' Efforts in Organizing Part-time Workers (PDF:664KB)

No.47 (February)

Improvement of Seasonally Adjusted Values of Report on Employment Service: Based Mainly on Working Day Adjustment (PDF:469KB)


No.46 (November)

Vocational Training as Job Search Support: Role and Effect of Employment Realization Strategy (PDF:1.46MB)

No.45 (November)

Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility: Mainly in the Field of Labor and Human Rights (PDF:404KB)

No.44 (November)

Economic Analysis on the Minimum Wages in Japan (PDF:168KB)

No.43 (November)

Survey on the Organization and Functions of Education and Training Providers: the Second Survey on the Education and Training Service Market (PDF:1.21MB)

No.42 (September)

Basic Research on the challenges of Strategic Urban Employment Policy: Tokyo's Functions in the 21st Century (PDF:1.53MB)

No.41 (September)

Survey Research on Employees' Side Jobs (PDF:1.33MB)

No.40 (September)

Performance-Based Pay and Work Satisfaction: An Analysis from Retabulation of the JILPT's "FY2004 Survey on Workers' Motivation to Work and Human Resource Management" (PDF:503KB)

No.39 (September)

Report on "Survey Research concerning Labor Contract Legislation in Various Countries"

No.38 (September)

Japanese-British Comparison of Higher Education and Human Resource Development: Relation between Recruitment and Training in Companies and University Education - Findings from Company Interviews - (PDF:407KB)

No.37 (July)

A Case Study on Fee-charging Job Placement Services for White-collar Jobs and Job Placement Specialists (PDF:237KB)

No.36 (November)

Study on Working Hours Legislation for White-collar Jobs in Various Countries

No.35 (June)

Realities and Challenges of Youth Employment Support: Research on Assistance Development in the United Kingdom and Situation Analyses on Japanese Youth (PDF:278KB)

No.34 (June)

Balanced Treatment between Part-timers and Regular Employees: A Case Study on Labor and Management of General Supermarket Chains (PDF:247KB)

No.33 (June)

Transforming Human Resource Management and Governance/Corporate Strategies (PDF:243KB)

No.32 (May)

CSR Management and Employment: Disability Employment as an Example (PDF:108KB)

No.31 (May)

A Study Using Macro Data with Respect to Analyses on Regional Structure of Unemployment and Employment (PDF:197KB)

No.30 (May)

Business Regeneration from the Point of View of Human Resources and Employment: Case Studies of Five Firms (PDF:240KB)

No.29 (May)

Vocational Training Policies in Asian Countries Centered on Training for Young People

No.28 (May)

Labor Demand for New Graduates in Japan: Will Recruitment of High-School Graduates Recover? (PDF:300KB)

No.27 (April)

Individual Career and Vocational Ability Development: Findings from a 35 Year-Long "Career Tracking Survey" (PDF:253KB)

No.26 (April)

Agriculture and Employment: For Securing Vibrant Labor Force (PDF:102KB)

No.25 (March)

Employment and Human Resource Development in the Content Industry: Fact-Finding Survey on the Animation Industry (PDF:155KB)

No.24 (March)

Survey on the Organization and Functions of Education and Training Service Providers: The First Survey on the Education and Training Service Market (PDF:226KB)

No.23 (March)

Perceptions and Reemployment Behavior of Trainees of Vocational Training: Vocational Training and Job Search Activities (PDF:171KB)

No.22 (March)

Empirical Study on Long Working Hours and Unpaid Working Time in Japan (PDF:221KB)

No.21 (March)

Implementation of the Family-Care Leave System: Reanalysis of the Results of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "Basic Surveys on Woman Employment Management" (PDF:165KB)

No.20 (March)

Business Management, Personnel Management, and Industrial Relations of Foreign-Affiliated Pharmaceutical-Related Firms (PDF:285KB)

No.19 (March)

Legal Mechanisms for Regulating Working Conditions: A Seven-country Comparison

No.18 (February)

Legal Notion of Term 'Worker': A Seven-country Comparison

No.17 (February)

Can Internet Surveys be Used for Social Surveys?: Results of and Experimental Study (PDF:927KB)


No.16 (October)

Vocational Training and Qualifications for Vocational Trainers in Britain

No.15 (October)

Reform of Employment Policy in France and Germany: Employment Strategy in the EU and Policy Change

No.14 (October)

Research on the Current State of and Future Measures for the Issue of Foreign Workers (PDF:75KB)

No.13 (September)

Japan and European Policy and Employment of Senior Workers: Efforts toward Removal of Age Barriers

No.12 (September)

Diversifying Working Styles and Social-Labor Policy (PDF:198KB)

No.11 (September)

Corporate Participation in Career Formation Assistance of Youth: Partnership with Schools, NPOs and the Government (PDF:291KB)

No.10 (June)

Corporate Governance Reform and Industrial Relations in South Korea

No.9 (June)

Interprefectural Differences in Employment-Unemployment Situation (PDF:451KB)

No.8 (June)

Research on Corporate Universities (PDF:311KB)

No.7 (June)

Identification of Issues for Research on Corporate Management Strategies and Personnel Treatment Systems (PDF:87KB)

No.6 (June)

Young People in Transitional Crisis: Interview Survey for the Young Jobless Freeters (interim report) (PDF:302KB)

No.5 (June)

Actual Conditions of Home-based Work in the West and Implications for Japan: Based on Examples from the United States, Britain and Germany

No.4 (April)

Job Seekers Referred to Vocational Training: Vocational Training and Job-Search Activities (PDF:267KB)

No.3 (April)

Research on Employment Strategies in the Industrialized Nations

No.2 (March)

How Working Morals Change: Analysis of the Survey Results on Working Life (1999, 2000, and 2001) (PDF:659KB)

No.2 has a full text with revision of the translated title. The full text:How Work Consciousness Changes: Analysis of the Survey Results on Working Life (1999, 2000, and 2001)

No.1 (February)

Development of Youth Employment Policies in Other Nations: Germany and the United States as Case Studies

No.L8 (August)

Research on the Increase in Structural- Frictional Unemployment (PDF:72KB)

No.L6 (September)

Future Outlook on Employment of Middle-Aged and Senior Workers: Future Estimates on the Number of Workers and a Survey on Firms (PDF:162KB)

No.L5 (September)

Matching of Sales-Related Jobs in Human Resources Business (PDF:225KB)

No.L3 (April)

Changing Corporate Society and Future Challenges for Companies, Individuals, and Society: Toward an "Employment Focused Society" (PDF:180KB)

No.L2 (April)

Agriculture and Employed Labor Force: the Current Situation and Future Direction (PDF:108KB)

JILPT Research Report at a Glance

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