JILPT conducts questionnaire surveys including fixed-point surveys and panel surveys targeting individuals.

1. Survey on Working Style of Young People (individual survey)

This survey is aimed at identifying changes in the work styles and attitudes of young people in major urban areas (since 2001).

2. Survey on Elderly Workers

JILPT conducts surveys on the elderly targeting individuals and enterprises.

Survey on Employment and Daily Life of the Elderly in their 60s (individual survey)

This survey is aimed at grasping the actual situation of older person’s employment and daily life and to ascertain attitudes toward employment and daily life (since 2007).

Survey on Employment of Older Persons (enterprise survey)

This survey is aimed to understand how enterprises manage employment of older workers and what kind of ideas enterprises have in their management (since 2006).

3. National Survey of Households with Children

This survey aimed to grasp the living conditions of households raising children and the employment status of parents (since 2011).

4. NHK/JILPT Joint Survey

JILPT conducted the "Survey on Lifestyles and Attitudes" jointly with NHK in order to understand how people live, their image of the middle class, and their attitudes toward society.

5. Panel Surveys related to COVID-19 (individual survey and enterprise survey)

JILPT Panel Survey on the Impact of COVID-19 on Work and Daily Life (individual panel survey)(2020-2022)

To grasp the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic and measures to control it are having on workers’ jobs and daily living, JILPT carried out a panel survey in joint research with the Rengo Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards (RENGO-RIALS) through the internet. It was started in May 2020 (first wave), right before the first declaration of state of emergency, and continued until May 2022 (seventh wave).

JILPT Panel Survey on the Impact of COVID-19 on Enterprise Management (enterprise panel survey) (2020-2022)

To ascertain the impact of the COVID-19 on corporate management and employment, JILPT carried out a panel survey on enterprises registered as monitors with an internet research company from May 2020 (first wave) to March 2022 (sixth wave).

6. Survey on Working Life (individual survey)

JILPT has been conducting a fixed point survey on people’s attitude to work and work-life balance by visit-and-interview method since 1999 (conducted in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2011, and 2015). The questionnaire consists of topics related to work awareness to be asked every time, and a special topic to be set for each time.

Survey results

7. Survey on the Employment Status of the Japanese (individual survey)

Survey aimed at systematically and continuously grasping the actual working conditions of Japanese people amidst the increasing diversification of employment patterns (since 2010).

Survey results

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