Abstracts 2015

December 2015 (No.665)
Qualitative Research Methods for Labor Studies(PDF:520KB)

The Contribution of Oral History Methods to Labor Studies Research
Mitsuru Yamashita
Action Research in Vocational Counseling: Research and Development for Effective Training in Vocational Counseling
Jun Kayano
Grounded Theory Approach: Exploring the Applicability to the Field of Labor Research
Isao Wakabayashi
Workplace Studies and Interaction Analysis: Analysis of Two Meetings
Akiko Yamazaki
Keiichi Yamazaki
Eriko Tamaru
Mei Komatsu
Qualitative Secondary Analysis and Reuse of the Original Research Data Set of the Japanese Sociological Classic
Naoko Takeda
The Art and Science of Qualitative Data Analysis: What We Can and Cannot Do with QDA Software
Ikuya Sato

November 2015 (No.664)
Special Issue for the Refereed Articles in 2015 (PDF:511KB)

An Empirical Verification of the Selection Hypothesis and the 50 Percent Rule: Evidence from the Lawsuits against Layoffs in Japan
Takeshi Koba
Kosaku Honda
Improvement of Grievance Procedures in the Organization: Achievement of Procedural Justice
Yusuke Naganuma
Enforcement of Rights under U.S. Employment Laws: Civil Action Brought by Government Agencies
Aiko Abe

October 2015 (No.663)
The Impact of ICT Sophistication on Labor (PDF:511KB)

Information Technology and Human Resource Management: With a Focus on the Trends in Japan since the 2000s
Shinichi Ogawa
Possible Impacts of Information and Communication Technology on Wages
Toshie Ikenaga
The Effects of Sophisticated ICT on Work-family Life
Yuka Sakamoto
Smart Workplace and Worker Privacy
Kiyoshi Takechi
Requirements and Effects of the Obligations of Employees to Maintain Secrecy and Avoid Competition
Etsushi Hosotani
Reconsideration of Becker’s Human Capital Theory in the Age of ICT/AI Revolution:from the Perspective of Self-evolvability
Hiroyuki Chuma
What Role Should the Labor Law Play in a Highly Technological Society?
Shinya Ouchi

September 2015 (No.662)
Foreign Workers: the Current Situation and Issues(PDF:407KB)

Understanding the Recent Empirical Facts on Foreign Workers in Japan, 2000-2014: A View from Supply and Demand in Japanese Labor Market
Tomohiro Machikita
Survey on Relationships between Cross-border Capital and Labor Movements
Akinori Tomohara
Various Options for Immigration Policy and Their Impacts on Public Pension Schemes through Population Dynamics in the Future
Futoshi Ishii
Yu Korekawa
Education for Immigrant Children in Japan: Current Trends and Challenges
Kazuhiko Hayashizaki
Law and Policy on Foreign Workers: Recent Developments and Forthcoming Challenges
Chizuko Hayakawa

August 2015 (No.661)
Labor-management Communication(PDF:418KB)

The Formation and Change of Collective Bargaining and the Joint Consultation System in Japan
Norio Hisamoto
Formation and Development of the Legal System Establishing Collective Working Conditions in Japan
Takashi Araki
The Functions of the “Guideline for the Joint Work Councils” in 1946 and its Implications for Present Labor Management Consultations
Jongwon Woo
Development of Legal Policies and Current State of Social Dialogue in France
Ryo Hosokawa

July 2015 (No.660)
Career and Rewards of Researchers(PDF:413KB)

Changes in Graduate Education and the Academic Marketplace in Japan
Hiroaki Urata
Problems on Labor Laws in Relation to Younger Researchers
Akira Hamamura
The Current Status of Fixed-term Employment for Researchers
Yoshie Kobayashi
Characteristics and Issue of Career Paths for Postdoctoral Fellows in Theoretical Physics
Kumiko Iwasaki
Research Careers, Motivations and Rewards of Inventors: Evidence from Inventor Surveys
Sadao Nagaoka
Koichiro Onishi
Leadership in the Research and Development Process: Literature Review and Specific Issues
Jun Ishikawa
Cultivation of Researchers and Management for Research: Learn from American Experiences
Takahiro Ueyama

June 2015 (No.659)
Changes in Employment and Social Insurance Systems(PDF:413KB)

The Impact of the Japanese Social Security Systems on the Labor Market and Employee Benefits
Kohei Komamura
Katsura Maruyama
Impact of Application Amplification in the Health Insurance System and its Problems
Harumi Tagoku
Are Employer Contributions to Social Insurance Increasing Non-regular Employment?
Myoung-Jung Kim
Legal Issues on the Appropriate Expansion and Application of Employees’ Pension and Health Insurance to Non-regular Workers
Yoko Kinugasa
The Issue of Expansion of Employment Insurance Coverage and Creation of Support Systems for Job Seekers
Kaoru Kanai
Differences in Working Hours of Health Conditions for Employees and according to Medical Insurances: Approach by Using Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions
Nobuyuki Izumida
Smoking and Wage Rates: Evidence from Japanese Panel Data
Yawen Sun

May 2015 (No.658)
What is Nursing Care Seeking for Labor?(PDF:411KB)

Current Structure and Issues of the Legal System concerning Long-term Care for Elderly Persons in Japan as a Super-aging Society
Kimiyoshi Inamori
Direct Care Worker Shortages Using Japanese Data: A Review of Previous Studies
Chie Hanaoka
The Contemporary Issue of Family Care and Gender Equality: The Research on Male Carers
Mao Saito
The Model of Balancing Work and Care for the Elderly and the Support which Companies are Required to Give for Working Caregivers
Yoko Yajima
The Role of Care Managers in Managing a Balance between Work and Caregiving Responsibilities
Tamie Matsuura
Emiko Takeishi
Yukiko Asai
Why Do University Students Prefer Large Firms in Their Job Search? Evidence from Firm-level Job Queue Data
Koji Yoneda

April 2015 (No.657) The Same yet Different? Different but the Same?


Interpretation of Estimated Wage Function
Daiji Kawaguchi
Human Capital Theory and Signaling Theory
Shinpei Sano
Fixed Effect and Random Effect
Ryo Okui
Multiple Regression and IV(Instrumental Variables) Regression
Yukitoshi Matsushita
Multiple Regression Analysis and Regression Discontinuity Design
Michihito Ando
Multiple Regression and Matching Estimator
Yoichi Arai
Sample Selection and Self-Selection
Naoya Sueishi
Income Inequality and Wage Inequality
Kengo Yasui
“Executive Employee”in LSA 1947 and “Managerial Employee”in LUA 1949
Emiko Shinyashiki
Managers and Leaders
Yoshio Ono
Industrial Relations and Employment Relations
Norio Hisamoto
Collective Bargaining Agreements and Workplace Labor-management Agreements
Yumiko Kuwamura
Labour Relations Commission and Labour Tribunal Committee
Yoshiaki Ugai
Industrial Union and Confederation of Unions
Jongwon Woo
Enterprise-based Unions and Union Shop
Tomoko Onimaru
Human Capital and Deferred Compensation
Izumi Yokoyama
Equal or Balance
Keiko Ogata
Salary System and Discretionary Work Scheme
Hirokuni Ikezoe
MBO(Management by Objectives) and PM(Performance Management)
Kiyoshi Takahashi
Career Counseling and Career Consulting
Shu Kimura
Competency and Job-related Capability
Naotaka Watanabe
PM(Personnel Management) and HRM(Human Resource Management)
Toshiko Suda
HRD(Human Resource Development) and OD(Organizational Development)
Jun Nakahara
Part-time Working and Shorten Working Hours
Mitsuyo Matsubara
Sales Workers and Sales Representatives
Hiroshi Nishizawa
Holiday, Leave and Day-Off
Chikako Kanki
Reshuffling of Personnel, Secondment and Employment Transfer
Masato Araya
Transfer between Enterprises(Shukko) and Worker Dispatching
Michio Tsuchida
Career Education and Vocational Education
Teruyuki Fujita
Student and Pupil
Shigeki Ito
Labor Union and Employee Organization
Kazuo Taguchi
Collective Bargaining and Labor-Management Consultation
Naoki Tsuchiya
General Union and Community Union
Hak-soo Oh
Frictional and Structural Unemployment
Hiroaki Miyamoto
NEET(Not in Employment, Education, or Training) and Hikikomori
Ryosuke Nishida
Contract of Employment and Labor Contract
Hajime Wada
Employer Contribution and Employee Contribution
Tadashi Sakai
Firing Tax and Retirement Pay
Hiroko Okudaira
Dismissal and Refusal to Renew a Fixed-Term Contract
Hisashi Ikeda
Retirement Allowances and Corporate Pensions
Hideyuki Morito

February-March 2015 (No.656) Refereed Articles(PDF:411KB)

Unemployment and Human Capital Formation in School Education: An Econometric Analysis of Prefectural Panel Data
Kazuo Ogawa
Effects of Union Establishment and Dissolution on Wages and Productivity
Mitsunori Todate

Special Issue 2015 (No.655) The 2014 Conference on Labour Policy Study(PDF:459KB)

Issues over the Multipolarization of Regular Employees from the Viewpoint of the Labor and Employment Law
Hisashi Ikeda
Living Together but in Different Worlds: Commitment of Working Conditions and Signal of Career Choice
Ryo Kambayashi
Unintended Consequence of the Revised Labor Contract Act: From the Viewpoint of the Part-time Worker's Perception of Organizational Justice in the Retail Industry
Mitsutoshi Hirano
Diversification of Career Orientation, Career Opportunity and Working Style among Japanese Regular Employees called‘ Seishain’: Actual State of the Diversification and Its Implication on the Employment Systems with Multiple‘ Seishain’ Categories.
Yoshihide Sano
The Impact of University Students? Knowledge of Work Rules and Awareness of Labor Unions on Their Job Search Activities
Osamu Umezaki
Mitsuko Uenishi
Chiaki Nagumo
Kayo Goto
The Present Situation of Youth Employment and Challenges in Korea
Myoung-Jung KIM
Challenges of Skill Development Policy in Japan and the Role of Government
Katsuhiko Iwata
Single Mother Independence Support Officers View of Single Mothers? Financial Independence
Keiko Tanaka
How Much Transferability Do Professionals Feel in Their Special Skill?
Takeshi Nishimura
Matching at One?s Place of Work and An Aptitude for the Type of Job in Hiring of New Graduates: The Cases of Small and Medium-sized Businesses
Masahiro Doi
Estimating the Extensive Margin of Youth Labor Supply
Shota Araki
Men?s Marital Status and Wage Rate: Evidence from Japan
Yawen Sun
Career Formation of Preeminent Experienced Engineers: Results of An Interview Survey Conducted with 15 Employed Preeminent Experienced Engineers in the Construction Industry
Masao Yamasaki
Globalization and Industrial Relations: Lessons to Learn From Volkswagen
Wakana Shuto
Comparative Research on In-house Training Systems between Japan and France
Chisato Sekiya
Recruitment and Training to Increase the Employee Retention Rate: An Example of a Local Car Dealership
Masae Yamasaki
Does Maternal Employment Harm Her Children?s Health? Comparison of Single mothers and Married mothers
Xinxin Ma
Understanding the Situation of Limited Regular Employment: With an Emphasis on the Difference in Wage and Satisfaction among Workers in Firms of Various Sizes
Akihito Toda
Behavior Characteristics and Issues of Managers in the Evaluation Process of Employees in their Early Sixties: A Comparison of Managers to Active Full-Time Employees
Eiichi Ohki
Haruyuki Kanou
Miho Fujinami
A Study about Perception of Fairness in the Japanese Diversified Workplace
Shizuka Takamura

January 2015 (No.654)
Illegal Work(PDF:439KB)

Work Arrangement and Laws and Regulations
Shinobu Nogawa
A Preliminary Study on Motivations for Obeying and Breaking the Law
Takashi Iida
Factors of Unlawful HRM and Employee Recognition of“ Black Companies”
Toru Kobayashi
An International Comparison of Unlawful Work
Kazuya Ogura
International Overview of Labour Inspection Systems
Toshiharu Suzuki
Legal Response to Illegal Labor: Summary and Problem of Norm, Subject and Method
Takeo Sakai
Law and Policy regarding“ Violation” of Labor and Employment Laws in Japan
Ryuichi Yamakawa
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