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JILPT, or the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, is an incorporated administrative agency with the objective of the organization to contribute to the planning of labor policies and their effective and efficient implementation, to promote the livelihood of workers and develop the national economy, and to capitalize on research findings by implementing training programs for administrative officials. JILPT conducts comprehensive researches on labor issues and policies, both domestically and internationally, with researchers in a wide range of specialized labor-related fields adopting broad-based, interdisciplinary viewpoints on complex labor issues. The results of research activities are compiled and published swiftly and consistently in reports, journals, and newsletters with an eye to contributing to the stimulation of policy discussions among different strata.

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Judgments and Orders
 newLegality of Restriction on the Use of Restrooms in the Worksite by Gender Identity Disorder Employee
The State and National Personnel Authority (METI Employee) Case (PDF:635KB)
2023 Shunto: Highest Wage Hike in 30 Years, Yet Its Sustainability a Challenge (PDF:1.3MB)
Series: Japan's Employment System and Public Policy
 newWill the Japanese Long-Term Employment System Continue to be Maintained? (PDF:977KB) 
Changes in Japanese Policies for Accepting Foreign Workers for the Purpose of Compensating for Labor Shortage (PDF:1.2MB)
Research Papers
 newPost-Industrialization and Employment Fluidity: A Focus on Workers’ Careers (PDF:955KB)
newChanges in Industrial Structure and Work Styles in Japan (PDF:1.9MB)   [In Japanese]
YAMASHITA Mitsuru (Meiji University)
OGAWA Shinichi (Yokohama National University)
The Diffusion of Parental Leave for Fathers in Japanese Firms: Exploring Antecedents and Performance Outcomes (PDF:986KB) [ In Japanese, JILPT 24th annual award-winning paper!]
UCHIDA Daisuke (Keio University), URAKAWA Kunio (Kyushu University), YU Younan (The University of Nagasaki)
Japanese Wives’ Decisions on Co-Residence and Employment Choices upon Husbands’ Workplace Relocation (Tenkin) (PDF:868KB) [In Japanese]
SEKIJIMA Kozue (Nippon Institute for Research Advancement)
ABE Mayuko (Japan Center for Economic Research)
The Shrinking Middle Class in Japan (PDF:1.3KB) [In Japanese]
SHINOZAKI Takehisa (Waseda University)