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December 20, 2018 updated

Changes in the Employment System over the Course of History

Takahiko KUSANO

Associate Researcher

We have compiled a research report “Formation and Transformation of Japan’s Employment System: How They Are Related to Labor Policies” (Research Material Series no. 199). This report constitutes part of the “Employment Systems and the Law” project that JILPT launched in 2014. This initiative, led by Professor Kazuo Sugeno (JIPLT President from March 2013 till March 2018), was planned to focus on the following three issues intensively for the first three years beginning in fiscal 2014: (1) Identifying and enumerating changes in Japan's employment system in recent years, from multiple angles with a focus on the "Japanese-style employment system”; (2) Observing the interaction between the employment system and legal policy, and identifying the functions and issues of legal policy in its relationship with the actual situation of employment system, and (3) Searching for issues and political implications of Japan's employment system based on the state of change mentioned above.

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