Abstracts 2006

December 2006 (No.557) The Bright and Dark Sides of Employment Recovery
Community Based Economic Renaissance and Job Creation in Japan Takeo Kikkawa (PDF:40KB)
An Economic Analysis of the Recent Employment Recovery: An Overview of the Labour Markets by Age and Region Hiroaki Sugiura
Non- Regular Employees and Income Inequality Kiyoshi Ota
Innovating Human Resources Development Program Through Career Self Reliance Model: Integration of ES and EAP utilizing Individual Support and Enlighten Paradigm Mitsuyo Hanada
Nov. 2006 (No.556) Special Issue for the Refereed Abstracts in 2006
Dismissal, Labor-Management Consultation andWorker Participation Tomohiko Noda (PDF:41KB)
Issues and Solutionto Introduction of Performance- Based System: Implications of Pay Reform of
Automobile Firm A
Junpei Higuchi
Company's Training Policy and Continuous Hiring of New High School Graduates: What are the
Conditions on which Companies continue to hire New High School Graduates?

Hiromi Hara

Yoshihide Sano

Hiroki Sato

Divided Employment and Sexual Behavior

Yuji Genda

Atsushi Kawakami

The Reality of Jobless Youth in Japan: An Examination of Background, Skills and Attitudes

Yuki Honda

Satoko Hotta

October 2006 (No.555) Decentralizing Industrial Relations
Trust and Trustworthiness in the Workplace: A Focus on OJT in the Light of Superior-Subordinate Relationships Shigeru Yamamoto (PDF:24KB)
September 2006 (No.554) Verifying the Performance-based Pay System
10 Years of the Performance-based Pay System and Labour Laws Yasuo Ishii (PDF:44KB)
Background of Introducing Performance-based Pay System and its Merits and Demerits Masahiro Abe
A Behavioral Economic Analysis on Pay-for-Performance Kohei Daido
What is the Outcome of the Wages Reform in Recent Japan? Mitsuo Ishida
Performance-based Pay System from Workers' Viewpoint

Shingo Tatsumichi

Motohiro Morishima

Macroeconomic Factors in the Widening Wage Differential between Regular and Part-time Workers Masao Yamaguchi
August 2006 (No.553) Falling Birthrate Companies
Fertility Decline and Employers' Behaviour Yoko Morita (PDF:36KB)
The Significance of Work-Family Policies for Companies Emiko Takeishi
The Problems of the Women's Job Continuity and the Childcare Leave System Sachiko Imada
Shingou Ikeda
July. 2006 (No.552) Use of Free Time among Full-Time Workers
Company Workers and Moonlighting: The Overall Picture Kazuya Ogura
Takashi Fujimoto
The Legal Regulations of Second Jobs and the Freedom in Worker's Personal Life: In Comparison with the Situation in Germany Itaru Nemoto
Time Allocation of Regular Employees in Japan Atsuko Ueda
Working People's Leisure Time and Investment in Health

Shinya Kajitani
Miki Kohara

Samurai Bureaucrats and Shop Clerks: Employees of Permanent Status" (sei- shain) in Tokugawa Japan Osamu Saito
The Expansion of the Italian Private Pension Scheme: The Retirement Allowance and the Complementary Security System in the 2004 Pension Reform Yoko Nakamasu
June 2006 (No.551) Think about Data Again
Meanings of Panel Data and its Use: Why We Need the Panel Data?
Yukinobu Kitamura (PDF:31KB)
Utilization of Subjective Data in Labour Economics Jun Tomioka
Quality of Web Survey and Access Panel Survey: Issues for Utilization of Web based Access Panel Survey Norie Honda
Analysis of Sample Attrition: Verification of Defining Factors of Attrition and Sample Selection Biases Using Japanese Panel Survey of Consumers Kazuyasu Sakamoto
May 2006 (No.550) Verification of the "2007" Problem
Firms' Optimum Generational Composition of the Workforce and Human Resource Strategies: Economic Analysis of the Year 2007 Problem" Naoki Mitani (PDF:37KB)
Skill Succession and Youth Employment:The Relationship and Promotion Policies Souichi Ohta
Legal Problems of the Old-Age Employment-Stabilization Measures Noboru Yamashita
Labour Substitutability by Age Group and Wage Gapby Education Level Saori Noro
Family Life after Mandatory Retirement Kiyoko Okamura
Retirementand of Baby BoomerinJapa Shinichi Sato
February-March 2006 (No.547) Special Issue for the Refereed Abstracts in 2006

What Motivates Firms to Use Individual Outside Contractors? 

Yanfei Zhou (PDF:19KB)
January 2006 (No.546) Communication
Organizational Fairness and Negotiation Skills for Dispute Resolution Tetsushi Okumura (PDF:17KB)
Importance of Communication Skills Ikuo Daibo
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