Training Activity

Training of Staff and Other Personnel Related to Labour Affairs

Using the results of research project, the JILPT provides training programs for personnel in charge of labor affairs and other related affairs at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in accordance with their duties and administrative experience, based on a systematic training program. Through the training sessions, the JILPT keeps abreast of current issues in labor administration and the problems these officials actually face. The information so acquired will then be utilized in future research activities.

Training for Supervising Personnel

The JILPT provides training targeting newly appointed directors, chiefs, and section heads at Labour Standards Inspection Offices and Public Employment Security Offices.

General Training (Basic/Advanced)

The JILPT provides basic training targeting new recruits, as well as advanced training targeting experienced officials in their fifth year of service.

Specialized Training

The JILPT provides training for officials at Labour Standards Inspection Offices and for those engaged in highly-specialized duties of job placement services.