JIL Research Report

Following are some of the summaries of Research Report published by JIL, the former organization of JILPT. Original reports (only in Japanese) are available from here.

No. 163 (Sep. 2003)

IT Development and the Change in Employment and Personnel Management: Effect on With-Collar Workers' Work and Workplaces (PDF:1.25MB)

No. 162 (Sep. 2003)

Higher Education and Work: Comparison between Japan and the Netherlands (PDF:759KB)

No. 161 (Sep. 2003)

Developing the Measures and Checklists for the Diagnosis and Motivation of Workplace (PDF:985KB)

No. 160 (Sep. 2003)

Considering Practical Labor Policy Evaluation and its Methods (PDF:691KB)

No. 159 (Sep. 2003)

Legal Status of Home-based Workers as Employee and Self-employed (PDF:517KB)

No. 158 (Jul. 2003)

Diverse Working Situation Among Workers of Non-Standard Employment Type - Analysis based on the "General Survey on Diversification in Types of Employment" -  (PDF:154KB)

No. 157 (Jul. 2003)

Research Report on the Child-care Leave System: Findings of a "Study of Women's Work and Family Life (PDF:70KB)

No. 156 (Aug. 2003)

Study on Work Assistance for Single Mothers (PDF:509KB)

No. 155 (Aug. 2003)

An International Comparative Study Regarding Protection of Workers' Personal Information and Access to Employment / Labor Information (PDF:48KB)

No. 154 (May 2003)

From School to Workplace -Current Status and Problems of Employment of High School Graduates - (PDF:56KB)

No. 153 (Mar. 2003)

Issues Related to the Work and Roles of Home Helpers - A Research report on the status of employment and awareness of home helpers - (PDF:198KB)

No. 152 (Dec. 2002)

Research on Annual Paid Holidays (PDF:1.2MB)

No. 151 (Jan. 2003)

Research on a New Occupational Information Network Designed to Place the Right Person in the Right Job (PDF:19KB)

No. 150 (Oct. 2002)

Formation of Labor Unions and Responses to Management Crises - Industrial Relations in the late 1990s - (PDF:97KB)

Research Reports

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