The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
(Nihon Rodo Kenkyu Zasshi)

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The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies is a peer reviewed monthly journal specialized in the field of labor, published and printed in Japanese (first issued in 1959).

About the Japanese Journal of Labour Studies


Latest Issue
Vol.65, No.12, December 2023 (No.761)
Core Employees with Diversity

Vol.65, No.11, November 2023 (No.760)
DIALOGUE: Labor Law Precedents 2022-2023: The Issues Involved, Effectiveness and Issues of Measures Regarding Work Styles

Vol.65, No.10, October 2023 (No.759)
Duties and Work Styles of Civil Servants

Vol.65, No.9, September 2023 (No.758)
The Sustainability of Labor Unions

Vol.65, No.8, August 2023 (No.757)
Status of Workers Entering the Labor Market: Probationary Period/Apprenticeship

Vol.65, No.7, July 2023 (No.756)
Labor Issues regarding Selection

Vol.65, No.6, June 2023 (No.755)
Two Issues on ‘Jobs’: Job-based Human Resource Management and Job Characteristics

Vol.65, No.5, May 2023 (No.754)
Digital Transformation Impacts on Workplace and Work

Vol.65, No.4, April 2023 (No.753)
Literature to Reread in Light of Current Labor Issues

Vol.65, Special Issue 2023 (No.752)
The 2022 Conference on Labor Policy Study

Vol.65, No.2・3, February-March 2023 (No.751)
The Present Situation of Labour Law Theories: A Review of Academic Works 2020-22
[SPECIAL ISSUE] Employment Environment and Equal Employment: Efficacy and Issues

Vol.65, No.1, January 2023 (No.750)
Single Lives and Careers


Vol.64, No.12, December 2022 (No.749)
Effects of Natural Disasters on Labor

Vol.64, No.11, November 2022 (No.748)
DIALOGUE: Labor Law Precedents 2021-2022: The Issues Involved, Current Issues in Public Vocational Training

Vol.64, No.10, October 2022 (No.747)
Significance of the Collectives in Labor-Management Relations

Vol.64, No.9, September 2022 (No.746)
Living and Working

Vol.64, No.8, August (No.745)
Mental Health and Disabilities of Workers

Vol.64, No.7, July (No.744)
Foreign Workers in Japanese Employment System: An Evidence-based Approach

Vol.64, No.6, June (No.743)
Industrial Changes and Human Resource Management/Labor-Management Relations

Vol.64, No.5, May (No.742)
Development of Professional Competencies in Educational Institutions

Vol.64, No.4, April (No.741)
Labor Statistics Today and in the Future

Vol.64, No.2-3 February-March (No.740)
The Present Situation of Labour Research: A Review of Academic Works 2019-21

Vol.64, Special Issue 2022 (No.739)
The 2021 Conference on Labor Policy Study

Vol.64, No.1, January (No.738)
Unemployment, Employment Adjustment, and Labor Mobility

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