The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
December 2021(No.737)
Current State of the Management of Employment Relationship and Human Resource

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A Dazzling Brilliance: In Memory of Dr. Tadashi Hanami(PDF:460KB)
Shigeya Nakajima


Conditions of the Environment Surrounding Employment Systems and Human
Resource Management
Kazuro Saguchi

ARTICLESDecember 2021(No.737) (PDF:413KB)

Japan’s Human Resource Management: Past and Future
Mitsuharu Miyamoto
Some Observations on the Transition and Future Direction of the Employee
Grade System in Japan
Itaru Nishimura
Reform of Production Systems and Employment Relations: Enlargement of
Employee Placement and the Transformation of the “Job-based” Employment
System in the US Auto Industry
Kenichi Shinohara
Revisiting Japanese Human Resource Management from the Viewpoint of
Organizational and Personnel Economics
Hideshi Itoh
Human Resource Architecture in Japan: From the Perspective of Work Allocation
and Wage Management
Yumi Nishioka
How are Teleworkers’ Satisfaction with Performance Appraisal Formed? Evidence
from Questionnaire Survey in Japan
Yoku Date
Masumi Noto
Age Diversity and Employees’ Sense of Belonging in the Workplace
Daisuke Koizumi


Yoshihide Sano Convergence and Diversity of Personnel Management in the UK and Japan: A Comparative Study of Employment Systems in Department Stores
Mitsutoshi Hirano


Sevilla, Almudena and Sarah Smith “Baby Steps: The Gender Division of Childcare
during the COVID-19 Pandemic”
Mao Nakayama


The COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands
Hirokazu Tanaka

The 44th Annual Award for Research Monographs on Labor, 2021

The 22nd Annual Award for Research Articles on Labor, 2021