The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
November 2021(No.736)
DIALOGUE:Labor Law Precedents 2020-2021: The Issues Involved
SPECIAL ISSUE:The Changing Meanings of Work

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Continuing to Question
Yoshimi Sugimura


Labor Law Precedents 2020-2021: The Issues Involved
Syozo Yamada
Michiyo Morozumi

ARTICLESNovember 2021(No.736) (PDF:405KB)

Changes in the Meaning of Work in Japan: A Cross-National Comparison between
Developed Countries
Yukihiro Yoneda
Current Status and Issues of Research on the Meaning of Work: From the
Psychological Standpoint of the Meaning in Life
Yu Urata
The Meanings and Protection of Work: Making Decent Work Sustainable
Yasuhiro Kamimura
The Social Meaning of Work in Modern Organizations: A Historical Overview
Minako Konno


Yukimitsu Nishimura The Needs of and Support for People in Precarious Life Situations:
Lone Parents, Single Women and Non-regular Workers
Machiko Osawa
Shinobu Sato Temporary Migrant Workers Policy in Japan: Skills Development Oriented
Chieko Kamibayashi


Yuan, Z., Li, N., Mai, Y., Ye, Z. and Yu, J. “Making the Right Friends: A Social Network
Perspective on Newcomer Socialization in Teams”
Hirotsugu Takahashi


The Netherlands and Public Health
Hirokazu Tanaka