The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
October 2021(No.735)
Effects of Workplace Diversity to Employment Discrimination Law

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For the Promotion of Diversity without Conditions
Machiko Kamio

ARTICLES October 2021(No.735) (PDF:409KB)

Limits of the Gender Dichotomy Theory: Sexual Minorities and the Prohibition of
Gender-Based Discrimination
Shozo Yamada
Diversity Promotion in the Workplace and Positive Action: Legal Issues Regarding
Proactive Measures for Improvement
Yoko Kuroiwa
Legal Approaches to Inclusive Rights Protection for Minorities
Miho Mitsunari
Protections for Sexual Minorities and Sex Discrimination Theory: Implications for
Japan Based on Legal Arguments in the US
Tamako Hasegawa
Rejection of an Insider, Acceptance of an Outsider Mitsuhiro Ura
Treatment and Issues of Sexual Minorities in the Workplace
Michitaka Nako


Atsushi Kawakami A Study of Multiple Job Holdings: Impact and Potential of Their Diversity
Makiko Hagihara
Junko Araki Learning Environments Supporting Self-directed Career Development of Japanese Workers in Organizations: Workplace, Communities of Practice, Boundary Crossing
Atsushi Sato


Hiromi Sakazume, Shizuka Takamura Managerial Role in Diversity Management
Atsushi Yashiro


Krick, A. and Felfe, J.“Who Benefits from Mindfulness? The Moderating Role of Personality and Social Norms for the Effectiveness on Psychological and Physiological Outcomes among Police Officers”
Takumu Kurosawa


Reading, an Ethnically Diverse Community
Takashi Nishimura