The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
September 2021(No.734)
Active Participation and Employment of the Elderly

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Lifetime Engagement
Hiroko Akiyama

ARTICLES September 2021(No.734) (PDF:410KB)

Work and Pensions for the Elderly: Significance and Challenges of the Amendments
to the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons and Pension System
Akiyo Shimamura
Promoting Elderly Employment and Adjustment of their Conditions
Shinya Kajitani
Characteristics of Human Resource Management for Regular Employees in Their Early 60s: A Case Study of Three Companies Adopting Mandatory Retirement at 65
Kazuo Taguchi
Promotion of Elderly Employment and Wage Adjustments in the Japanese Labor Market
Yuko Ueno
Ideal Career Support for Middle-Aged and Elderly Employees from the Perspective of
Human Resources Management: Focusing on Utilization Strategy and Support
Policy for Elderly Employees
Miho Fujinami
Are Social Contribution Activities Under the Revised Act on Stabilization of
Employment of Elderly Persons Corporate Volunteering?
Akiko Ono


Satomi Era Skills and Migrant Workers in Construction: A Comparative Study on the
Industrial Restructuring in Japan and the U.S.
Charles Weathers
Koichi Matsuo A Comparison of White-Collar Trade Unionism between Japan and the UK:
Focusing on the Public Sector
Masashi Ueda
Yoko Hashimoto General Concept of a Worker: Criteria and Qualification for Worker Status
Masaaki Iwanaga


Brenoe, A. A. and Zolitz, U. “Exposure to More Female Peers Widens the Gender Gap
in STEM Participation”
Huihui LI


The Importance of “Off the job embeddedness”
Takashi Nishimura