The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
July 2021(No.732)
Life Career and Third Place

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The Importance of Third Places in Learning
Yuichi Matsumoto

ARTICLESJunly 2021(No.732) (PDF:412KB)

Expansion of the Third Place Concept: Possibilities and Challenges of Third Places
as a Service Provider
Nobutaka Ishiyama
Relationships between Native-place Networks and the Job Placement Function:
Based on the Findings of Previous Studies of Native-place Associations
Yuji Nakanishi
Cross-boundary Learning, NPOs, and Third Places: Understanding Third Places
as Learning Spaces from the Perspective of Situated Learning Theory
Takeru Nagaoka
Satoshi Hashimoto
Third Places for Purposeful Interaction and the Life Career: Focusing on Women
Who Have Left the Workforce
Akiko Kataoka
“Ibasho” after Retirement: A Study of Post-retirement Transition Experience from a
Relational Wellbeing Perspective
Kyosuke Sakakura


Yasuhiko Kawakami (eds.) Workplace Adaptations and Professional Development of Teachers:
The Analysis and Feedback of the Longitudinal Surveys of Teachers
Hitoshi Sato
Shintaro Yamaguchi Economcis Analysis of Family Policies
Kengo Yasui


Posner, Eric A. “The Antitrust Challenge to Covenants Not to Compete in Employment
Huang Jo Hsiang


Online Lessons for Reception Class
Yumi Nishioka