The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
June 2021(No.731)
The Current Situation of Public Institutions Protecting Employees

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Law and “Logic” in Labor Sphere
Ryuichi Yamakawa

ARTICLESJune 2021(No.731) (PDF:413KB)

The Labor Policy Council: Functions of the Council in the Process of Forming Labor Policy
Yasuo Suwa
Challenges and Prospects for Modern Minimum Wage Council Reform
Yasukazu Fujita
Examining the Current Status and Challenges of the Labor Standards Inspection Office
Kiyoko Ikeyama
The Roles Played by Public Employment Security Offices and Future Challenges
Mari Okutsu
The Paradigm Shift and Future Issues in Labor Dispute Resolution through Labor Tribunal Proceedings
Takahiro Asano
The Current State and Problems of Mediation by Dispute Coordinating Committees
in Japan
Takayuki Murata
The Labor Relations Commission as an Organization to Resolve Collective Labor Disputes
Tetsunari Doko


Determinants of Working from Home and Its Impacts on Income and Anxiety
during the Early Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan
Kayoko Ishii
Mao Nakayama
Isamu Yamamoto


Shinichi Ogawa Small-group Activities as Japanese-style Management:Development,
Diffusion, and Transformation of Quality Circles
Fumiaki Komatsu


David Schindler and Mark Westcott “Shocking Racial Attitudes: Black G.I.s in Europe”
Reio Tanji


Pointillism in Paris
Ryo Kambayashi