The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
May 2021(No.730)
Work Environment for School Teachers

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Work Environment for School Teachers
Teruyuki Hirota

ARTICLESMay 2020(No.730) (PDF:415KB)

The Current Situation of Overwork by Teachers and Future Challenges
Hirokazu Ouchi
Legal Issues regarding the Working Hours of Public School Teachers:
Focusing on the Unlawful Exemption from the Labor Standards Act
Satoshi Takahashi
A Study on Correcting Long Working Hours of Teachers by Organizational
Development: Through Developing Change Agents in Principal Training
Daisuke Choshi
Kazuhiro Tsuji
Jun Nakahara
Takatoshi Yanagisawa
Reforming the Work Styles of Teachers: Obstacles from Inside and Outside Schools
Ryo Uchida
Current Status of Teacher Training and Future Professional Development
Tomoko Ando
Operation and Revision of a Pay Rise System Based on Personnel Evaluation for Teachers:Focusing on Industrial Relations in a Local Government
Shinya Iwatsuki
International Comparison of Teachers? Work Environments:
What Should We Learn from the OECD’s TALIS?
Kentaro Sugiura


What Improves the Life Satisfaction of Public Elementary and
Junior High School Teachers in Japan?
Toshiyuki Kambayashi


Ken Harada Successful Aging and Intergenerational Relationships:
Survey Research on Ageism in the Workplace and Community
Takako Sodei


Koch, I. “The Guardians of the Welfare State: Universal Credit, Welfare Control
and the Moral Economy of Frontline Work in Austerity Britain”
Masashi Yamabe


The Japanese in Paris(2)
Ryo Kambayashi