The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
April 2021(No.729)
Labor Market during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Abstracts (until February-March 2016)




The Impact of COVID-19 on the Japanese Labor Market
Keisuke Kawata
How Has COVID-19 Pandemic Affected the Pay of Employees?
Yanfei Zhou
Thoughts on the Socio-Economic History of the Pandemic:
In Consideration of Labor Markets
Masato Shizume
Challenges and Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic
for the Healthcare System in Japan
Yoko Ibuka
The Corona Pandemic’s Effects on the Swedish Industry and Powerful Packages of Measures to Support Swedish Jobs and Businesses through the Crisis.
Georgios Kontorinis


Workers’ Rights and Duties in the Pandemic
Chizuko Hayakawa
Dismissal in the COVID Era in Japan
Kenji Takahashi

〈Human Resource Management〉

The Impact of COVID-19 on HRM
Motohiro Morishima
The Situation of Personnel Evaluation Systems in Light of the Diversification of Working Styles
Yoichi Furuno
The Introduction of Telework in Engineering Staffing Companies and Related Issues:
Evaluation by Job Type and Industry
Eriko Teramura
Tomomi Imagawa
Fumie Ando
The Impact of Work Environment Changes on Job Stress
Yasuhiro Hattori
Naoto Kanki
Akiyuki Yatera


Demographic Factors of Teleworking and Video Conferencing in the COVID-19 Crisis
Yoshiaki Hashimoto
The Impact of the Spread of COVID-19 on New College Graduate Employment
Yukie Hori


Career Development in the COVID-19 Crisis
Mariko Miyagi
Psychological Effects of a “Withdrawn Life” in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Tamaki Saito


Negative Capability and the COVID-19 Crisis
Shin Arita


Hiroki Maeda, Yumi Nishimura Collaborative Work of Nursing: Ethnography in
an Acute Care Hospital
Yoshifumi Mizukawa
Naonori Akiya


Ireland, G.W. and Lent, R.W. “Career Exploration and Decision-Making Learning
Experiences: A Test of the Career Self-Management Model”
Fumiko Akiyama


The Japanese in Paris(1)
Ryo Kambayashi