The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
Special Issue 2021(No.727)
The 2020 Conference on Labor Policy Study

Abstracts (until February-March 2016)


Abstracts Special Issue 2021(No.727)(PDF:467KB)

Main Theme Session

“Female Labor from the Perspective of Equality”

Female Labor from a Union Perspective
Tomoko Nagashima
Gender Equality in the Workplace from the Legal Perspective: Current
Situation and Issues of the Japanese Equal Employment Opportunity Act
Hiroya Nakakubo
Gender Inequality in Japan: Focusing on the Determinants of Gender
Wage Gap
Kazuo Yamaguchi
Career Differences between Men and Women as Seen from an Examination of
Indexes of Women’s Participation
Akira Wakisaka

Open Session

The Legal Status of Entertainers in the Japanese Labor Law
Yamato Sato
Establishing a Voice Mechanism for Manager Class: 1981 Revision on Position
System and Collective Agreement in Mitsubishi Electrics
Makoto Suzuki
The Decision-Making Process and its Effect on Job Transfers in Double-income
Haruka Koyama
Impact of Yutori Education on Learning Experience and Career Development in
Young, College-Educated Workers
Haruka Hirai
Junko Urasaka
A Comparison of Part-Time Employment in Japan and Germany from
the Perspective of Equality
Yoko Tanaka
Organizational Adaptation, Work Engagement and Retention of Mid-Career
New-Comers in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Japan
Hideki S. Tanaka
Impacts of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies on Learning Effects and
Coordination Effects of Business Strategies and Learning Support
Yuichiro Sato
Nobutaka Ishiyama
Wage Determination for Agency Workers through Collective Agreements in
Itaru Nishimura
Hodaka Maeura
Diversity and Collective Labor-Management Communication: Function of
the Collective Voice of Minorities
Tamie Matsuura
Career Transitions of Japanese Female Repatriates: Adaptation and Identity
Reconstruction in the Homeland
Nobuko Hosogaya
Effects of Caregiver Fatigue and Stress on Employment in Balancing Work and
Care: Focusing on the Potential for Turnover and Presenteeism
Kunihiko Hayashi
Working Environment and Work-Life Balance for Mothers
Tomoe Naito