The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
January 2021(No.726)
Changing Labor Market and Labor Insurance

Abstracts (until February-March 2016)



The Roles of Labor Insurance
Yoshimi Kikuchi

ARTICLESJanuary 2020(No.726) (PDF:460KB)

The Premiums Collection Law and Its Present Problems
Kenichiro Nishimura
Labor Insurance for Multiple Jobholders
Naoko Kono
“Special Insurance” in Workers’ Compensation in Japan: The Relationship
between Independent Contractors and Workers’ Compensation
Ryosuke Jigami
The Effects of Unemployment Insurance: A Review of Recent Research
Miki Kohara
Yanni Shen
The Support for Specified Job Seekers Act as a Second Safety Net
Kosuke Marutani
Legal Research on How to Determine Worker’s Accident Compensation
Insurance Premiums in Japan
Daisuke Kitaoka


Factors Determining Work Engagement in Jobs Not Based on Employment:
Comparative Analysis of Regular Employees and Freelancers
Nobutaka Ishiyama


Masahito Toki Possibility and Limit of Labor Law Regulations beyond
the Boundary of Legal Entity: A Comparative Study of Individual Labor
Relation Laws in Germany, the U.S. and Japan
Koichi Kamata
Chizuko Hayakawa Gaikoku-jin Rōdōsha to Hō (Foreign Workers and
The Law : Immigration Law Policy and Labor Law Policy)
Tadashi Negishi


Nathaniel Hendren “Knowledge of Future Job Loss and Implications for
Unemployment Insurance”
Katsuhiro Komatsu


Back to the 1950s? Work and Parenting in the COVID-19 Crisis
Junko Yamashita