The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
December 2020(No.725)
The Changing Roles and Status of Managers



How Are Managers Assigned?
Atsushi Yashiro

ARTICLESDecember 2020(No.725) (PDF:459KB)

The Changing Roles of Managers and Accompanying Issues: Examination
Through Literature Review
Hiromi Sakazume
Comparative Study of Working Styles of Managers in Japan, the United States,
and China: Suggestions for Japanese Companies Aiming to Introduce
Job-type Employment
Koichi Kume
Akie Nakamura
Training for Senior Management Positions at Universities: Current Status
and Prospects
Akiko Morozumi
Changes in Promotion Strategies for Managers in Japanese Firms
Kaori Sato
Gender Inequality in Access to Managerial Positions from a Cross-national
Comparative Perspective: The Role of Labor Markets and Welfare States
Hirohisa Takenoshita
Kota Tagami
Do “Staff Positions” Apply to “Positions of Supervision or Management”
in Article 41 of the Labor Standards Act? Changes in the Employment
Environment in Japan Should Be Considered
Masayuki Numata
The Health of Administrative and Managerial Workers in Japan: Comparison
with other Workers, Trends, and Future Tasks
Hirokazu Tanaka
Yasuki Kobayashi


Effects of Maternity Leave Duration on Female Employees’ Work Satisfaction
after Returning to Work
Megumi Okui


Hirofumi Taki Education and Inequality in Comparative Perspective
Yuko Tarumi
Mamiya Ogata Organizational adaptation of young workers: Growth from
overcoming reality shocks
Tomoko Adachi


Rachel Cox et Caroline Brodeur “La réforme des dispositions sur le
harcèlement psychologique dans la Loi sur les normes du travail : l’appel à une plus
 grande sensibilité au genre sera-t-il entendu?”
Yukie Hihara


Could Gratitude to Care Workers be Conveyed with Applause?: The Spread of
COVID-19 Infection and Nursing Care for the Elderly in the UK
Junko Yamashita

The 43rd Annual Award for Research Monographs on Labor, 2020

The 21st Annual Award for Research Articles on Labor, 2020