The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
October 2020(No.723)
Rethinking How Wages Are Raised



Why Do Wage Increases Differ?
Norio Hisamoto

ARTICLESOctober 2020(No.723) (PDF:456KB)

Aging, Globalization, and Technological Change as Stressors for Wages
Hiroshi Ono
Compensation Management and Organizational Performance:
Implications from a Review of Pay for Performance Studies
Ikutaro Enatsu
Wage Determination in France: The Delicate Relationship between
Industry-wide and Enterprise-level Collective Bargaining
Hiromasa Suzuki
Corporate Performance and Wage Determination:
Focusing on Changes in Bonuses and Lump-sum Payments
Noboru Ogino
Methods and Limitations of Collective and Individual Disadvantageous Changes
in Wages in Japan: Why Is It So Hard to Reduce Wages?
Hyosook Park
Job Remuneration for Japanese Workers:
Do They Want to Be Rewarded with Financial Rewards?
Hideki S. Tanaka
How Do Flexible Working Arrangements Affect Wages?
Masayuki Morikawa


Shintaro Matsunaga Workplace Studies on Freelance Animators
in an Animation Studio
Masahiro Abe


Nechanska, E., Hughes, E. and Dundon, T. “Towards an Integration of
Employee Voice and Silence,”
Hidetaka Hemmi


On Job Search and Working in the United States
Naoko Ohri