The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
May 2020(No.718)
The Labor Market Impact of Overconcentration in Tokyo

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Toward a Tokyo Where Disadvantaged Youth Can Also Live with Peace of Mind
Makoto Saito

ARTICLESMay 2020(No.718) (PDF:447KB)

The Characteristics of “Tokyo” as a Labor Market
Yoshiyuki Tanaka
Yudai Higashi
Kazufumi Yugami
Living Space of Single Women in Tokyo
Yoshimichi Yui
Why Do Firms Concentrate in Tokyo? An Economic Geography Perspective
Masahiko Mizuno
Regional Disparities in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area: Industry,
Occupation, Awareness
Daisuke Yasui
Local Labor Markets and Life Courses for Non-urban High School and
University Graduates: Based on the Case of Self-employed Women in Rural Areas
Makoto Ishii
The Possibility of “Work Beyond Employment” in Regional Cities:
A Case Study of Start-uppers in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture
Takashi Nakazawa


OH, Hak-Soo Realities of Restructuring Enterprise Organization in Japan :
Frontiers of Industrial Relations
Michio Nitta


Rita Ginja, Jenny Jans, and Arizo Karimi “Parental Leave Benefits,
Household Labor Supply, and Children’s Long-Run Outcomes,”
Shinsuke Asakawa


The Social State in Germany from a Foreigner’s Viewpoint
Hirofumi Konishi