The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
Special Issue 2020(No.715)
The 2019 Conference on Labor Policy Study

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Abstracts Special Issue 2020(No.715)(PDF:420KB)

Panel Discussion

“Policy Issues regarding Foreign Workers”

Policy Issues relating to Foreign Workers: From the Viewpoint of Labor Law
Chizuko Hayakawa
The Characteristics of the Specified Skills System and Its Social Impacts:
A Comparison between Systems for the Acceptance of Foreign Workers
Chieko Kamibayashi
An Economic Analysis of Bottlenecks in the Labor Market and Relationship
between Internal and International Migration:From Comparable
Perspectives in Japan and Germany
Yasushi Iguchi
Policy Issues relating to Foreign Workers
Shoichi Ibusuki

Open Session

The Basis for Calculating the Basic Daily Benefit for Employees with Side
Makiko Amaya
The Effects of Continued Employment for Three Years after Childbirth on
Careers and their Causes: Focusing on the Timing of the First Child’s
Yuka Mitarai
Should Base Salary Structure for Older Employees be Present-Job-Based, If
Older Employees are Utilized and Performed? The Shift to the Present
Job-Based Salary Structure from the Past Contribution-Based Salary
Miho Fujinami
Haruyuki Kanou
The Initiatives of Facilities for Commissioned Training for People Separated
from Employment and the Employment of Training Recipients
Makoto Fujimoto
Selection and Training of Women Union Officers: Focusing on Enterprise
Kayo Goto
Strategic Roles of Bonus for In-company Trade Unions under the Stagnation
of Monthly Salary
Isao Nishio
What Are the Factors behind Joining a Labor Union?
From a Case Study of an Open Shop Union
Tsutomu Nishio