The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
Special Issue 2017(No.679)
The 2016 Conference on Labor Policy Study

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Panel Discussion “Policy Issues Associated with Working Hours”

Analysis of Working Time Regulations Policy: A Focus on the Revision Bill of the Labor Standard Act in 2015
Yumiko Kuwamura
The Effects of Overwork on Health and Productivity
Sachiko Kuroda
Working Hours in Japan and the Struggles of the Labor Union
Takeshi Matsui
The Frontier of the Work Style Reform: With a View to Expand the
Scope of Reform
Tamie Matsuura

Open Session

The Mechanisms of Worker Representation in Korean Labor Law
Dongwook Cha
Does Japanese Regulation on Dismissal Really Reduce the
Employment Rate?
Masayuki Takahara
Enterprise Unions, Trustful Industrial Relations and Employee Voice
in Japanese Firms
Tomohiko Noda
Work Time Flexibility and Its Benefits: A Revisit through the Score of
O*Net Occupational Characteristics
Yanfei Zhou
Tomoe Naito
Employment Management and the Forces of Elderly Employees:
Focusing on Diversity of Employment Classification
Miho Fujinami
Eiichi Ooki
Haruyuki Kanou
Intention and Action of People Who Move from Big Firm to
Small-medium Firm
Makoto Fujimoto


The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

AbstractsAbstracts (until February-March 2016)