The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
November 2017(No.688)
DIALOGUE:Labor Law Precedents 2016-2017: The Issues Involved
SPECIAL ISSUE:Sports and Labor

Abstracts (until February-March 2016)



How Are Labor Laws Applied to Professional Athletes?
Akira Hamamura


Labor Law Precedents 2016-2017: The Issues Involved
Susumu Noda
Kaoko Okuda

ARTICLESAbstracts November 2017(No.688) (PDF:407KB)

Consideration on the Present Situation of Company Sports
Toshio Saeki
Nature of Labor of Corporate Athletes and its Influence on Their Career after Retirement from Sports
Hidemasa Nakamura
Labor Issues of Teachers in School Club Activities:
Examining Work Hours, Extra Allowances and Accident Compensation
Atsushi Nakazawa
Athlete Unionization: Global Trends among Players' Associations and Lessons
Japan Can Learn from These Developments
Keiji Kawai


Masaki Hosomi Work Environment That Can Achieve the Work-Life Balance:From an Overlooked Viewpoint of the Boss and the Colleague
Tetsushi Fujimoto
Tomoyuki Shimanuki Temporary Agency Work:Lives and Careers at the Boundary of Market and Organization
Koichi Kamata


Masaki Saruta Social Policy in the Welfare State Sweden Which Is Seen from Toyota Study
Itaru Nishimura


Julian Barling and Anika E Cloutier “Leaders' Mental Health at Work:
Empirical, Methodological, and Policy Directions”
Qingya Lee


Food Delivery Services in France (3)
How Can We Struggle against <Uberization of Work>?
Eri Kasagi