The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
October 2017(No.687)
Practicability of a College Education

Abstracts (until February-March 2016)



How Will Vocational Education Take Root in Japanese Colleges?
Yuichi Akinaga

ARTICLESAbstracts October 2017(No.687) (PDF:410KB)

Specialized Professional Colleges:Background and Challenges of a New Institutional Type in Japan
Motohisa Kaneko
On the Demand for Higher Education
Ryuichi Tanaka
Adult Learning in Japan’s University Education
Shuichi Tsukahara
Atsushi Hamana
A New Concept in Higher Education : Competency-Based Education
Kumiko Aoki
The Practicability of “KOSEN” Education:Focusing on Its Relation to Graduates Career
Yoshitaka Hamanaka
Changes in University Students’ Job Search Processes:Comparing the Cabinet Office Survey 2016 with the JILPT Survey 2005
Yuri Nakajima
Yukie Hori
Conditions of Promotion of an Internship Program in Ishikawa Prefecture
Yukiko Momma


Naoyuki Nomura Artificial Intelligence Changing the Future of Work
Shinya Ouchi
Yasushi Shimoi A Legal Theory of Civil Service System:A Comparative Study of Civil Service Law in France and Japan
Satoshi Shimizu
Yoshimi Adachi Economics of Employment, Marriage, and Child Rearing:Women’s Work-Life Balance
Masaaki Mizuochi


Lavy, V. “Do Differences in Schools’ Instruction Time Explain International Achievement Gaps? : Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries”
Masato Oikawa


Food Delivery Services in France(2) - Legal Protections for Platform Workers?
Eri Kasagi