The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
August 2017(No.685)
Changes in Employment of People with Disabilities and Legal Policy: Challenges at Work

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Ideal Ways of Employing People with Disabilities
Nobuo Matsui

ARTICLESAbstracts August 2017(No.685) (PDF:410KB)

Employment Management during the Progress Phase of Employing People with Disabilities: The Relevance to Reasonable Accommodation through the Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities in Japan
Tomoko Shimbo
Legal Analysis of Guidelines regarding Prohibition on Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodation
Yukiko Ishizaki
Studies on the Employment Quota System by Means of the Comparative Law Method: Using German Law as Reference
Hirofumi Konishi
The Economic Analysis of Legislation for the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities Based on Cooperative Decision Making and Social Surplus
Ryoko Morozumi
Difficulty in the Employment of People with Developmental Disorders and Specific Measures: With a Focus on ASD
Yuji Umenaga
Issues of and Approaches to the Employment of People with Mental Disabilities with a Focus on Return to Work Support for People with Mental Health Problems
Mitsuyo Tamura
Shiho Miyazawa


Mutsuko Asakura A New Prospect of Anti-Discrimination Law in Employment
Satoshi Hasegawa
Yasuo Suwa Employment Policy and the Right to a Career : Searching for the Career Law
Noriaki Kojima
Hiroshi Ono, Kristen Schultz Lee Redistributing Happiness: How Social Policies Shape Life Satisfaction
Toshiaki Tachibanaki


Fernando Fita-Ortega “Labour Market Segmentation in Spain: Is Legislation Leading to a Reduction in Duality?”
Nana Takahashi


From Work Life Balance to Work Life Fit
Masako Kurosawa