Abstracts 2016

February-March 2016 (No.668)
Refereed Articles (PDF:497KB)

Why Do Young Workers Quickly Leave Their First Jobs? Discussion of Changes in the Japanese Employment System
Toru Kobayashi
Analysis of Organizational Restructuring based on Actor Network Theory: Analysis of the Behavior Modification Process for Organization Members by Organizational Restructuring
Morio Itoh

Special Issue 2016 (No.667)
The 2015 Conference on Labour Policy Study(PDF:425KB)

The Attributes of Wages in Japan
Mitsuo Ishida
Wages after Overcoming Deflation: From the Viewpoint of the Labour and Employment Laws
Ikuko Mizushima
Causes of Wage Reduction during the Deflation Period in Japan, and Conditions for a Sustainable Wage Increase
Hisashi Yamada
Why is the Employment Rate of Highly Educated Women in Japan Low? Comparative Empirical Analysis between Japan and the Netherlands of Educational Mismatch on Wages by Gender
Kyoko Ichikawa
Legal System to Support Livelihoods for the Social Integration Policy of Foreign Workers in the United States: From Cases on Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance
Chizuko Hayakawa
Comparison of the HRM System Based on the Policy of Developing and Maximizing the Competency of Employees between Japan and France
Chisato Sekiya
The Role of Labour Unions in Succession of Engineer's Intuition in the Construction Industry
Masao Yamasaki
Utilizing Elderly Employees with Support from Human Resources Department with the 2012 Revised Act on the Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons: Discussion on Support for Lifetime Employment
Haruyuki Kanou
Eiichi Ohki
Miho Fujinami
Consequences of Abusive Supervision: The Moderating Effects of Job Characteristics and Resources in the Family Domain
Masaki Hosomi
Study of Psychological Support for Public Vocational Training Students
Satoru Kobayashi
A Looking into “Black-listed” Work: How it Occurs and Ways to Respond
Emiko Takeishi
Atsushi Sato
Kayo Goto

January 2016 (No.666)
Employment and Labour in a Service Industry(PDF:535KB)

The Growth of a Service Industry and Employment
Nobuo Isagai
Productivity in the Service Sector and Labor Market
Masayuki Morikawa
Working Conditions in the Service Economy: A Focus on Job Quality
Namie Nagamatsu
Capabilities, Aptitudes, Consciousness and Behavior Required in Service Industries: From the Data Analysis of “50,000 Workers Web Occupational Trend Survey”
Shinsaku Matsumoto
A Consideration of Media Content Producers’ Ways of Working and their Career Development
Masaru Yamashita
The Issues on Working Hours and Regulations on Working Hours Attributed by the Expansion of the Service Industry
Takahiro Asano
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