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2021. June, No.211

Outlook and Challenges for an Era of Working Until Age 70: Empirical Analysis of Enterprises’ Continuous Employment Systems and Individual Careers


2020. January, No.203

Research on Job Search Interventions: Examination of the Feasibility of a Cyclical Self-Regulatory Model of Job Search Process Quality


2018. September, No.201

The Current State of the Japanese-Style Employment System for High School Graduates: Based on Case Studies of 1997, 2007, and 2017


2017. October, No.199

Disparities in career decisions and perceptions among young people in major urban areas: Based on the 4th Survey on the Working Style of Young People

2017. March, No.195

Hiring and Workplace Assimilation at SMEs

2017. March, No.191

Current Status, Effects and Latent Needs of Career Counseling: From Survey Results including Responses from 1,117 Persons with Experience of Counseling

2017. March, No.188

Research on the Work and Lives of Non-Regular Workers in Mid-Prime-Age: Focusing on Conversion to Regular Employment


2016. November, No.186

Elderly Employment in an Era of Labor Shortage

2016. November, No.185

Polarization of Working Styles and Regular Employees: Results of Secondary Analysis of JILPT Questionnaire Surveys

2016. May, No.184

Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations: Summary and Observations

2016. May, No.183

Research on Employment at NPOs: Assessing change caused by continuous growth and disasters


2015. September, No.180

Research on the Work and Lives of Non-Regular Workers in Mid-Prime Age: With focus on career analysis

2015. May, No.179

Labor-Management Relations in Sweden: With Focus on Rules for Wages and Labor Mobility “Research Project on Directions for Collective Labor Relations in Connection with the Establishment of Norms” Swedish Case

2015. May, No.178

Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations: Company-based Collective Agreements in France

2015. May, No.177

Systems of Industrial Relations at Company and Workplace Level in Germany: With focus on the establishment of norms by works agreements and company-based collective agreements

2015. April, No.175

The Development of Human Resources Business in the Career-Change Market

2015. April, No.174

Comparative Analysis of Employment Dispute Cases Resolved by Labour Bureau Conciliation, Labour Tribunals and Court Settlement

2015. May, No.173

Present Situation of the Legal System Governing Dismissal in France

2015. March, No.172

The German System of Monetary Settlement in Cases of Dismissal: Its Legal Framework and Realities


2014. December, No.169

Employment of Disaster Victims in the Recovery and Reconstruction Phase: Roles Played by the Emergency Job Creation Program from the Aspect of “Cash for Work”

2014. May, No.168

Current Status and Issues of the Supply & Demand Structure of Nursing Care Workers: For stable supply of care workers

2014. May, No.167

Comprehensive Community Care in the Netherlands: Enhancing care provision system and securing care workers

2014. March, No.166

Mechanism of Employment Portfolio Formation: Empirical study through qualitative analysis

2014. May, No.163

Survey Research on the Job Seeker Support System: Survey and analysis of vocational training institutions


2013. November, No.161

Transition in Diversification of Employment III: 2003 / 2007 / 2010/ Based on Special Tabulation of the “Survey on Diversification of Employment” of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

2013. March, No.160

Working Styles and Career Situations in Agency Work: Multiple Analysis on the Survey of Agency Workers, Agency Clients, and Temporary Agencies

2013. March, No.156

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Records on Employment and Labor: 1st Compilation Report on the Project to Record the Earthquake (PDF:JILPT, Compilation of the Results of the Project to Record the Great East Japan Earthquake No.3)


2011.November, No.139

Career Path, Working Style, and Awareness among Temporary Agency Workers Registered with Temp Staff Agencies: Based on Interview Survey with 88 Temporary Agency Workers (PDF:120KB)

2011. June, No.138

Study on the Current Status of the Employment Portfolio System: From the Perspectives of Manpower Management and Total Labor Cost Management (PDF:94KB)


2009. July, No.113

Study on Securing of Workers in the Long-term Care Sector (PDF:105KB)

2009. May, No.109

Childcare Leave System and Women’s Job Continuity - Comparative Analysis by Company Size - (PDF:164KB)


2008. June, No.101

Study on Employment Support for Single-Female Parent (PDF:123KB)

2008. June, No.99

The Fixed -Term Contract Employees and Childcare Leave (PDF:97KB)

2008. April, No.96

Women's Reemployment after the Period of their Child Rearing – Issues and Solutions (PDF:146KB)

2008. March, No.95

Research on Theoretical Analysis of Unemployment Rates – Interim Report (PDF:88KB)


2007. April, No.84

Policies of Labor and Employment, Social Securities in Germany and France


2006. September, No.68

Transition of Diversification of Employment between 1994 and 2003 (PDF:57KB)

2006. June, No.63

Employment Strategy of the Future: Prosperous and Energetic Society in which Everyone is Shining and Motivated


2005. May, No.32

CSR Management and Employment: Disability Employment as an Example (PDF:58KB)

2005. May, No.30

Business Regeneration from the Point of View of Human Resources and Employment: Case Studies of Five Firms (PDF:2.5MB)

2005. March, No.25

Employment and Human Resource Development in the Content Industry: Fact-Finding Survey on the Animation Industry  (PDF:47KB)


2004. October, No.15

Reform of Employment Policy in France and Germany: Employment Strategy in the EU and Policy Change

2004. September, L-8

Research on the Increase in Structural- Frictional Unemployment (PDF:30KB)

2004. April, L-2

Agriculture and Employed Labor Force: the Current Situation and Future Direction (PDF:35KB)

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