As of April 2024

Title, Research section

Vice Senior Researcher, Diversity and Inclusion

Area/Field of Research

Labour Law

(Workplace Bullying and Harassment, Employment Discrimination, Work and Family Policy,

Dispute Resolution in the Workplace and British Labour Law)


Finished Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Law, Waseda University, March 2006

LL.M. (Master of Laws), Graduate School of Law, Waseda University, March 2000

LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws), School of Law, Waseda University, March 1996

Junior Year Abroad Programme, Centre for Women’s Studies, Lancaster University,

April 1993 – March 1994

Career History

Researcher, Department of Labour Law and Industrial Relations, Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training (JILPT), April 2006 – present

Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall and Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, April 2010 – February 2011

Lecturer (part-time), Graduate School of Business Administration, Meiji University, April 2011 – present

Research Projects

JILPT Research Report

JILPT Discussion Paper

  • Shino Naito (2009), ‘Possibilities of Grievance Resolution through In-company Helplines for Whistleblower Protection from the Viewpoint of Prevention of Labour Dispute’, JILPT Discussion Paper 09-06, pp1-51 (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito (2009), ‘Suggestions from Codes of Practice in British Employment Law, Especially from the Function to Promote Self-regulation by Employers and Workers’, JILPT Discussion Paper 09-05, pp1-54 (in Japanese)

JILPT Project Research Series

  • Shino Naito (2007), ‘Academic Argument over Legislation of Employee Representation in Japan’, pp234-277, in JILPT (ed) The Present and Future States of the System for Establishing Working Conditions: Aiming at Developing and Strengthening Collective Voice Mechanism, JILPT, 2007, ISBN978-4-538-46002-4 (in Japanese)


  • Shino Naito (2010), ‘Enforcement of Equal Pay: Effective Dispute Resolution System and EHRC’s Policies in Britain’, in Mori, M and Asakura, M (eds) Enforcement System of the Principle of Equal Pay for Equal Work or Work of Equal Value, Yuhikaku, pp248-280, ISBN978-4-641-17374-3 (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito and Shinya Ouchi (2010), ‘Who is an Employee?’, Japanese Journal of Labour Studies (Nihon Rodo Kenkyu Zasshi), No.597, JILPT, pp32-37, ISSN0916-3808 (in Japanese (PDF:309KB))
  • Shino Naito (2009), ‘Legal Techniques which Promote Self-regulation by Employers and Workers: Suggestions from Code of Practice on Equal Pay in Britain’, Quarterly Labour Law (Kikan Roudouho), No.226, Roudou Kaihatsu Kenkyukai, pp173-185, ISSN0386-0620 (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito (2008), ‘Development of Family Friendly Employment Policies in Japan,’ in Sato, H (ed) Work-Life Balance: How Government and Employers Can Help Workers to Reconcile Work with Child Care, pp280-301, ISBN978-4-324-08366-6 (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito (2008), ‘What is an Effective System to Resolve Disputes in Pay Discrimination?: The Dispute Resolution System of Equal Pay Claims in Britain’, Roudou Houritsu Junpou, No.1675, Junpousha, pp42-47 (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito (2008), ‘Protecting Whistleblowers in Britain: Structure of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and Policies to Help Establish the Whistleblowing Procedures in the Workplace’, in Suggestion for Policies to Help Develop Whistleblower Protection Systems in the Private Sector: Final Report, Cabinet Office, Quality-of-life Policy Bureau, pp56-66 (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito (2007), ‘Policies to Facilitate Dispute Resolution in the Workplace in Britain: Focusing on Support by ACAS’, Roudou Houritsu Junpou, No.1653, Junpousha, pp20-23 (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito (2005), ‘Lessons from Britain: Development of Family Friendly Policies in the Workplace and the Problems’, Roudou Houritsu Junpou, No.1609, Junpousha, pp39-52 (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito (2005), ‘Extension or Limitation of Rights of Parental Leave for Fixed-term Workers?: Details and Legal Issues on New Child Care and Family Care Leave Act 2004 in Japan’ , Journal of Labor Law (Nihon Roudouhou Gakkaishi), No.105, Houritsu Bunkasha, pp119-128, ISBN4-589-02845-X (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito (2000), ‘What Constitutes “Requirement or Condition” for Indirect Discrimination in the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 in Britain’, Roudou Houritsu Junpou, No. 1489+1490, Junpousha, pp59-67 (in Japanese)
  • Shino Naito (2000), ‘Voluntary Affirmative Action in Employment: The Case of America’, A Master’s Thesis, Waseda University, pp1-121 (in Japanese)

Governmental or Public Activities

  • Member of Working Group on Issues of Workplace Bullying and Harassment, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, June 2011 – present
  • Advisory Member of Committee on Database of Articles and Surveys on Work-Life Balance Issues, Cabinet Office, Office for Policies on Work-Life Balance, September 2008 – March 2009
  • Member of Research Panel on Facilitation of Development of Whistleblower Protection System in the Private Sector, Cabinet Office, Quality-of-life Policy Bureau, June 2007 – March 2008

Membership of Academic Societies

Japan Labor Law Association

Japan Association of Gender and Law

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