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2018. March, No.200

Survey on Activities, Etc. of Nationally Licensed Career Consultants


2017. October, No.198

Research and Development of Training Program Utilizing Transcript Analysis of Vocational Counseling and Referral Services: Solution-Focused Approach


2016. May, No.182

Research and Development of the “Workshop for Visualization of Vocational Counseling Skills―‘Kan’ and ‘Kotsu’”: Training Research that incorporates cognitive task analysis—


2015. December, No.181

Survey of Participants in the Job Seeker Support System: Study based on a three-point longitudinal survey comprising pre-training, post-training, and follow-up surveys

2015. May, No.176

Studies on Occupational Structure II: Data Analysis on Present Status, Change, Requirements and Private Life Based on an Online Occupational Trends Survey with 50,000 Working People

2015. May, No.171

In-house Career Counseling and its Characteristics in Japan: Results of free description in the questionnaire survey and interview survey


2014. May, No.163

Survey Research on the Job Seeker Support System: Survey and analysis of vocational training institutions


2013. April, No.152

Working Styles, Vocational Capability and Career Development: From the results of the “2nd Survey on Working and Learning”


2012. March, No.149

Study teon Various Adult Career Guidance Needs and Desirable Guidance Services (PDF:614KB)

2012. January, No.140

Employment and Economic Independence of Single Mothers (PDF:72KB)


2010. May, No.121

An Analysis of Vocational Certification in Japan - In Light of the Findings of a Survey on Certifications - (PDF:82KB)


2009. May, No.107

Action Research in Career Counseling Project Study “Research and Development for Enhancement of the Supply-Demand Adjustment Function and the Career Support Function in the Labor Market” (PDF:182KB)


2007. October, No.92

Parents' Views of Children's Futures and Career Education/ Career Guidance (PDF:333KB)

2007. October, No.91

Research on Techniques for Career Counseling (PDF:333KB)

2007. May, No.87

Development of Vocational Readiness of Junior and Senior High School Students: Through Analysis of Research on Standardization of Vocational Readiness Tests (PDF:60KB)

2007. March, No.77

Current Situations and Issues of Occupational Classification Commonly Used by Private and Public Sectors (PDF:84KB)


2006. June, No.66

Tool Development Supporting Re-Employment of the Middle-Aged and Older Persons--Project Research: Research on Re-Employment Support for the Unemployed White-Collar Middle-Aged and Older Persons (Interim report) (PDF:37KB)

2006. May, No.57

A Study of Occupational Classification for Employment Placement Services (PDF:38KB)

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