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2021. March, No.208

Disparities Associated with Work and Child-Rearing


2020. March, No.204

Combining Work and Care under the Re-familization of Elderly Care in Japan


2017. March, No.192

Childcare, Family Care and Pursuing Vocational Careers: Women’s Labor Force Participation and Men’s Home Life

2017. March, No.189

Distress in Childrearing Households


2016. May, No.183

Research on Employment at NPOs: Assessing change caused by continuous growth and disasters


2015. December, No.181

Survey of Participants in the Job Seeker Support System: Study based on a three-point longitudinal survey comprising pre-training, post-training, and follow-up surveys

2015. May, No.170

Combining Work and Care


2013. June, No.159

"Women Fighting to Balance Between Child-rearing and Work": Re-analysis of the JILPT National Survey of Households with Children 2011

2013. March, No.152

Working Styles, Vocational Capability and Career Development: From the results of the "2nd Survey on Working and Learning"


2012. June, No.151

Comparative Law Study on Work-Life Balance <Final Report> (PDF:292KB)

2012. April, No.150

Childbirth/Childcare and Job Continuity – Addressing Job Mobility and 24–hour Society – (PDF:372KB)

2012. January, No.140

Employment and Economic Independence of Single Mothers (PDF:72KB)


2011. March, No.128

Work Characteristics, Personal Characteristics, and Working Hours (PDF:147KB)


2010. June, No.122

"Women's Ways of Working and Job Continuation at the Stage of Childbirth/childcare -- the Problems of Supporting the Continuation Process and Building Workplaces that Encourage Women to Continue Working --" (PDF:116KB)

2010. April, No.116

Comparative Law Study on Work-Life Balance – Interim Report

2010. March, No.115

Transition in Diversification of Employment II: 2003-2007
- Based on a Special Tabulation of the "Survey Diversification of Employment" of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare - (PDF:269KB)


2009. May, No.109

Childcare Leave System and Women’s Job Continuity - Comparative Analysis by Company Size - (PDF:164KB)

2009. April, No.106

Research Study on Diversification of Working Places and Working Hours (PDF:326KB)

2009. March, No.105

Resignation and Reemployment During the Period of Marriage, Childbirth and Child Rearing - Women's Career Development and Issues - (PDF:113KB)


2008. June, No.101

Study on Employment Support for Single-Female Parent (PDF:123KB)

2008. April, No.99

The Fixed -Term Contract Employees and Childcare Leave (PDF:97KB)


2007. March, No.75

Diversification of Working Styles and Safety Nets: Focusing on Capability Development and Work-Life Balance (PDF:89KB)


2006. December, No.73

For Expanded Use of Family Care Leave System – Report on "the Study of the Utilization of Family Care Leave System and Related Matters" – (PDF:104KB)

2006. May, No.64

Balancing Work with Life: Child care and Family Care (PDF:59KB)

2006. April, No.49

Workers' Awareness at a Time of change: Report on the Results of the "Survey on Career Design and Human Resource Management Evaluation in a New Era" (PDF:53KB)


2005. September, No.40

Performance-Based Pay and Work Satisfaction: An Analysis from Retabulation of the JILPT's "FY2004 Survey on Workers' Motivation to Work and Human Resource Management" (PDF:53KB)


2004. March, No.2

How Work Consciousness Change : Analysis of the Survey Results on Working Life (PDF:367KB)

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