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2021. March, No.206

Content Analysis of Labor Standards Inspection Documents Related to Worker Status


2016. May, No.184

Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations: Summary and Observations


2015. May, No.179

Labor-Management Relations in Sweden: With Focus on Rules for Wages and Labor Mobility “Research Project on Directions for Collective Labor Relations in Connection with the Establishment of Norms” Swedish Case

2015. May, No.178

Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations: Company-based Collective Agreements in France

2015. May, No.177

Systems of Industrial Relations at Company and Workplace Level in Germany: With focus on the establishment of norms by works agreements and company-based collective agreements

2015. April, No.174

Comparative Analysis of Employment Dispute Cases Resolved by Labour Bureau Conciliation, Labour Tribunals and Court Settlement

2015. May, No.173

Present Situation of the Legal System Governing Dismissal in France


2014. March, No.165

Labor Management Relations in Sweden: With focus on analysis of agreements ("Research Project on Directions for Collective Labor Management Relations in Connection with the Establishment of Norms", Swedish case)


2013. March, No.157

Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations: Industry-Based Agreements in Germany and France


2012. March, No.144

New Labor Organizations in the U.S. and Their Networks (PDF:304KB)


2011. June, No.138

Study on the Current Status of the Employment Portfolio System: From the Perspectives of Manpower Management and Total Labor Cost Management (PDF:94KB)


2010. June, No.123

Content Analysis of Individual Labor Dispute Resolution Cases ― Termination, Bullying/Harassment, Reduction in Working Conditions, and Tripartite Labor Relationships ― (PDF:63KB)


2009. July, No.111

Occurrence Mechanism and Resolution Process of Labor Disputes - Cases of Community Unions (Kyushu Area) - (PDF:226KB)


2008. July, No.98

Research on Support for Development of In-house Dispute Settlement Systems (PDF:80KB)


2007. November, No.94

Relationship between Conduct of Business, Personnel Management and Labor-Management Communications during Business Turnarounds (PDF:84KB)

2007. November, No.90

Labor-Management Communication and Decision-making on Working Conditions in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (PDF:94KB)

2007. March, No.76

Japanese Automotive Industry's Labor-Management Relations and International Competitiveness – From Production, Production Technology and R&D Perspectives – (PDF:89KB)


2006. April, No.48

Labor Unions' Efforts in Organizing Part-time Workers (PDF:55KB)


2005. March, No.20

Business Management, Personnel Management, and Industrial Relations of Foreign-Affiliated Pharmaceutical-Related Firms (PDF:40KB)

2005. March, No.19

Legal Mechanisms for Regulating Working Conditions: A Seven-country Comparison


2004. June, No.10

Corporate Governance Reform and Industrial Relations in South Korea

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