Labor Situation in Japan and Its Analysis
General Overview 2015/2016

cover design: General Overview 2015/2016

General Overview provides an exhaustive range of write-ups that covered basic points on issues related to labor issues and labor policies in Japan.

Full text

Labor Situation in Japan and Its Analysis: General Overview 2015/2016, full text (PDF:3.16MB)

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Table of contentss

Chapter Ⅰ Japanese Economy and Labor Situation

  1. The Japanese Economy: Current Status and Outlook (PDF:615KB)
  2. Characteristics of Recent Labor Issues (PDF:493KB)

Chapter Ⅱ Labor Market

  1. Population and Labor Force (PDF:564KB)
  2. Employment and Unemployment Trends (PDF:572KB)
  3. Regional Employment Trends (PDF:509KB)
  4. Changes in the Employment Structure (PDF:495KB)
  5. Diversification in Forms of Employment (PDF:533KB)
  6. Employment of Youth, Older Persons, Women and Foreign Workers (PDF:977KB)

Chapter Ⅲ Human Resource Management

  1. Long-term Employment System (PDF:463KB)
  2. Recruitment and Hiring (PDF:516KB)
  3. Allocation and Transfer of Human Resources (PDF:479KB)
  4. Resignation, Mandatory Retirement and Dismissals, etc. (PDF:473KB)
  5. Corporate In-house Education and Training and Career Formation (PDF:471KB)
  6. Wage Systems (PDF:493KB)
  7. Working Hours (PDF:509KB)
  8. Company Benefits (PDF:474KB)

Chapter Ⅳ Labor-Management Relations

  1. Labor-management Relations in Japan (PDF:479KB)
  2. State of Unionization and Labor Union Structure (PDF:501KB)
  3. Shunto: Spring Wage Offensive (PDF:478KB)
  4. Labor Disputes and Resolution Systems (PDF:647KB)

Chapter Ⅴ Labor Administration and Legislation

  1. Overview of Employment Measures (PDF:465KB)
  2. Employment Measures for Young People (PDF:461KB)
  3. Policies Designed to Secure Employment for Older and Disabled Workers (PDF:673KB)
  4. Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity between Men and Women (PDF:455KB)
  5. Measures for Workers in Non-regular Employment (Fixed-term, Part-time, Dispatch) (PDF:500KB)
  6. Public Job Introduction System (PDF:452KB)
  7. Employment Measures for Foreigners (PDF:481KB)
  8. Promotion of Measures to Assist Work-life Balance (PDF:466KB)
  9. Minimum Wage System (PDF:476KB)
  10. Industrial Safety and Health Measures and Workers’ Accidents Compensation Insurance System (PDF:512KB)
  11. Vocational Skills Development Policy (PDF:465KB)

Chapter Ⅵ Social Security System

  1. The Subject of Japan’s Social Security System (PDF:580KB)
  2. Income Security and Childcare Services for Households with Children (PDF:456KB)
  3. The Pension System and Public Assistance (PDF:491KB)
  4. Medical Insurance and the System of Medical Care for the Latter-stage Elderly (PDF:471KB)
  5. Long-term Care Insurance (PDF:472KB)

Appendix (International Comparisons) (PDF:454KB)

Index (PDF:428KB)

Contributing Authors (PDF:398KB)

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