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2020. January, No.203

Research on Job Search Interventions: Examination of the Feasibility of a Cyclical Self-Regulatory Model of Job Search Process Quality


2018. March, No.200

Survey on Activities, Etc. of Nationally Licensed Career Consultants


2017. October, No.199

Disparities in career decisions and perceptions among young people in major urban areas: Based on the 4th Survey on the Working Style of Young People

2017. March, No.196

Human Resources Development and Career Management in Japanese Companies

2017. March, No.195

Hiring and Workplace Assimilation at SMEs

2017. March, No.194

Research on Identifying and Developing Next-Generation Executives: Focusing on Manufacturing Companies with Global Expansion Strategies

2017. March, No.191

Current Status, Effects and Latent Needs of Career Counseling: From Survey Results including Responses from 1,117 Persons with Experience of Counseling


2015. December, No.181

Survey of Participants in the Job Seeker Support System: Study based on a three-point longitudinal survey comprising pre-training, post-training, and follow-up surveys

2015. March, No.172

The German System of Monetary Settlement in Cases of Dismissal: Its Legal Framework and Realities

2015. May, No.171

In-house Career Counseling and its Characteristics in Japan: Results of free description in the questionnaire survey and interview survey


2014. May, No.168

Current Status and Issues of the Supply & Demand Structure of Nursing Care Workers: For stable supply of care workers

2014. May, No.163

Survey Research on the Job Seeker Support System: Survey and analysis of vocational training institutions


2013. March, No.153

Effects and Problems of Employment Type Training in the Job Card System: From a job-seekers follow-up survey and an interview survey with participating companies

2013. March, No.152

Working Styles, Vocational Capability and Career Development: From the results of the “2nd Survey on Working and Learning"


2012. March, No.144

New Labor Organizations in the U.S. and Their Networks (PDF:304KB)


2010. April, No.118

Human Resource Development and Competence Development in Smaller Service Industries (PDF:119KB)


2009. July, No.112

Human Resource Development and Treatment of Skilled Workers in the Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Industry - Present State of Machine and Metal-related Industries - (PDF:87KB)

2009. June, No.110

Analysis of Firm-Provided Training for Non-Regular Employees in Japan - Based on Special Analysis of FY 2006 Basic Survey of Human Resources Development - (PDF:90KB)


2008. July, No.103

Human Resource Development in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - Preliminary Consideration - (PDF:87KB)

2008. June, No.97

Changes in Japanese-Style Employment System for High School Graduates and Grope for Possible New Ways (PDF:97KB)


2007. April, No.80

Current State and Challenges of the Education and Training Services Market (PDF:66KB)

2007. April, No.78

University Students and Their Employment – Consideration from the Viewpoint of Supporting the Transition to Work and Human Resource Development – (PDF:67KB)


2006. April, No.54

Research Survey on the Demand Structure of the Education and Training Service Market – From the Viewpoint of Vocational Ability Development Behavior of Individuals– (PDF:64KB)

2006. April, No.53

Current Situation and Future Direction of Vocational Ability Development in Japan (PDF:64KB)

2006. April, No.51

Career Analysis of Modern Japanese People from Different Viewpoints: Drastic Changes in Japanese Society and Workers' Lifestyles (PDF:63KB)


2005. November, No.46

Vocational Training as Job Search Support: Role and Effect of Employment Realization Strategy (PDF:262KB)

2005. November, No.43

Survey on the Organization and Functions of Education and Training Providers: the Second Survey on the Education and Training Service Market (PDF:165KB)

2005. September, No.38

Japanese-British Comparison of Higher Education and Human Resource Development: Relation between Recruitment and Training in Companies and University Education - Findings from Company Interviews - (PDF:72KB)

2005. May, No.29

Vocational Training Policies in Asian Countries Centered on Training for Young People

2005. April, No.27

Individual Career and Vocational Ability Development: Findings from a 35 Year-Long "Career Tracking Survey" (PDF:62KB)

2005. March, No.25

Employment and Human Resource Development in the Content Industry: Fact-Finding Survey on the Animation Industry (PDF:47KB)

2005. March, No.24

Survey on the Organization and Functions of Education and Training Service Providers: The First Survey on the Education and Training Service Market (PDF:80KB)

2005. March, No.23

Perceptions and Reemployment Behavior of Trainees of Vocational Training: Vocational Training and Job Search Activities (PDF:48KB)


2004. October, No.16

Vocational Training and Qualifications for Vocational Trainers in Britain

2004. June, No.8

Research on Corporate Universities (PDF:48KB)

2004. April, No.4

Job Seekers Referred to Vocational Training: Vocational Training and Job-Search Activities (PDF:60KB)

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