JILPT International Workshop 2007 (March 16)
Management and Actual Conditions on Foreign Workers

The Asian countries and economies have been actively pursuing free trade agreements (FTA) and economic partnership agreements (EPA), which often include provisions for migration of people. Japan is concerned about structural labor shortage in the aging society with fewer children and Japanese companies are eager to benefit from various human resources to cope with international competition. It is an important policy challenge for Japan under these circumstances to find out the best way to receive foreign workers.

This workshop aims at contributing foreign worker policy in Japan and other countries through reports and opinion exchange among the participating experts on the theme, “Management and Actual Conditions on Foreign Workers.”

"Management and Actual Conditions on Foreign Workers"


Jean-Pierre Garson
Head of Non-Member Economies and International Migration Division, OECD
Hiroaki Watanabe
Senior Researcher, JILPT

Discussants and submitted papers

Corinne Regnard
Director for Population and Migration, Ministry of Employment, Social Cohesion and Housing, Paris (France)
Workshop on International Migration and Labour Market (PDF:42KB), (PDF:15KB)
Bettina Schattat
Director for Employment for Labour Market Policy and Foreign Workers Federal Ministry of Labour ans Social Affairs, Berlin (Germany)
The Labour Market Integration of Immigrants in Germany (PDF:30KB)
Ronald Skeldon
Professor, School of African and Asian Studies, University of Sussex (U.K.)
Changing Immigration to the United Kingdom (PDF:896KB)
Piyasiri Wickramasekara
Senior Migration Specialist, International Migration Programme, ILO (ILO)
Migrant workers: post-admission policies and right (PDF:100KB)
Young-bum Park
Professor, Department of Economics, Hansung University (Korea)
Korea Report (PDF:32KB) (PDF:32KB)
Mui-Teng Yap
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies (Singapore)
Foreign Worker Management in Singapor (PDF:200KB)
Joseph S. Lee
Professor, Human Resource Management, National Central University (Taiwan)
The Management of Foreign Workers in Taiwan (PDF:101KB) (PDF:547KB)
Yasushi Iguchi
Professor, Kwansei Gakuin University (Japan)
Management Mechanism and Practice after Receiving Foreign Worker (PDF:150KB) (PDF:142KB)


Program of the Workshop (PDF:40.2KB)

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