JILPT International Seminar 2013 (November 22)
The Labour Market Impacts of Natural and Environmental Disasters

This international seminar is aimed at stimulating and focusing a debate on the considerable labour impacts of natural and environmental disasters, be they earthquakes, floods, mining disasters and so on. By concentrating on the labour impacts of these disasters, both short term and long term, we hope to contribute to a greater understanding of what needs to be done to protect the labour market from the effects and helping it to deal with the consequences of these events.

The papers presented in the Seminar are compiled as JILPT Report No.13 (PDF:2.5MB)

Speakers (in order of presentation)

Michele Tiraboschi / Professor, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Shinichi Umezawa / Research Director, The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training (Japan)

Felicity Lamm / Professor, Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)

Malcolm Sargeant / Professor, Middlesex University Business School (U.K.)

Masahiko Fujimoto / Professor, Tohoku University (Japan)

Hiroshi Yoshida / Professor, Tohoku University (Japan)

Akiko Ono / Vice Senior Researcher, The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training (Japan)

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