Databook of International Labour Statistics 2019

JILPT Databook of International Labour Statistics 2019 is the 23th edition of a comprehensive statistical annual publication from a variety of sources in different countries. The databook 2019 contains 141 tables corresponding to nine major substantive chapters.

  • ISBN978-4-538-49054-0
  • Size: A5 | Pages: 346
  • ¥1,500(Excl. tax)
  • 20 November, 2019 released
cover design: Databook of International Labour Statistics 2019


  • Table of Contents (PDF:161KB)
  • 1. Economy and Business
  • 2. Population and Labour Force
  • 3. Employment Structure
  • 4. Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance and Employment Adjustment
  • 5. Wages and Labour Costs
  • 6. Hours of Work and Working-time Arrangements
  • 7. Trade Union, Industrial Relations and Occupational Accidents
  • 8. Education and Human Resources Development
  • 9. Worklife and Welfare

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