Message from the President

FUJIMURA Hiroyuki, President

We, the JILPT, are commissioned to contribute to the formulation of Japan's labor policy and its effective and efficient promotion by conducting comprehensive surveys and research on labor-related situations and policies in Japan and other countries and regions and disseminating their findings, and by providing training for officials in charge of labor-related affairs at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) and other persons concerned utilizing the research results, and thereby to promote the welfare of workers and economic development.

In planning labor policies these days, it is essential to accurately grasp the actual situation at the workplace including clarification of issues.

Our primary mission is to accumulate independent and fundamental labor research that takes into account various structural changes, based on historical background and from the perspective of international comparison, and to conduct practical surveys and research useful for planning, implementing, and evaluating labor policies and continue to provide data and evidence and provide training programs aimed at improving the skills of administrative officials who are at the core of labor administration management through collaboration between research and training.

As the only research and training institute on labor policy in Japan with a large number of researchers in a wide range of specialized fields related to labor, we aim, and will continue to do our utmost, to contribute to society by confronting increasingly complex labor issues from a broad interdisciplinary perspective, quickly clarifying policy issues, and producing results that are "one step ahead of the administration" on a constant basis.

The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training
FUJIMURA Hiroyuki, President